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I hate it when people DON'T hang their flat-screen TVs over a fireplace...I mean...c'mon.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/16/09 10:24 AM

To "pirate" the pattern, Nicole did a screen grab from the Orla Kiely website and used that as an underlay to recreate the pattern in Adobe Illustrator - we then printed the pattern using a large format Epson printer. No Xeroxing necessary :)

st@cy- thanks, no need to apologize. Part of the reason we did the "bookcase" (IKEA shoe organizer) was that there was some cheap looking exposed hardware on it that we wanted to cover. We also wanted to bring in an accent color, which is also on the inside border of the picture each his/her own.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Entry Hall Makeover Mike and Nicole's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/25/09 07:55 PM

Hi all!
Thanks to everyone for the feedback, both positive and negative. I completely understand some of your qualms with the issue of copyright infringement and we figured that someone would have something to say about it. In our defense...

Yes Orla Keily does wallpaper, but the basis for this project was to find an inexpensive ALTERNATIVE to wallpaper (Not an alternative to paying for copyrighted material). As noted in the post, we are renters so conventional wallpapering was never an option; therefore Orla Kiely has suffered no monetary loss because (although we can afford a roll of wallpaper) purchasing ANY wallpaper was out of the question. We never could have done this project had we not done it this way.

Also, as some have already mentioned, its not like we're profiting from this. We like the print and used "our own creative force" to find a way to make it work for us.

As for the "this looks like a showroom" comment -
If our entry hall looks like an Orla Kiely showroom I think I can live with that, as this is the only place in our home in which the stem print appears...


Post Script:

coloraddict - The lantern is a vintage Nelson Bubble Lamp which we got a good deal on at the Chicago Antique Market, but they can be purchased new at DWR or Hivemodern.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Entry Hall Makeover Mike and Nicole's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/24/09 02:50 PM

I agree with ljh - I think it would depend on the context. If it were next to a futon, in front of some cinder block-and-plywood shelves, it would definitely look "dorm room", but in a grownup room I think it would be a nice accent.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Lamp Too Teeny Bopper-ish?
2/19/09 02:36 PM

From the Former furniture site - in reference to a Paul McCobb Planner Group desk in the "design tip" section:

"Refinish this piece in a bright lacquer color and replace hardware with some contemporary ones."

...or you could just cut it in half and throw it in a dumpster.
I'm not really knocking the site, it's a great idea (the site) - that was just very disconcerting to read and I hope no one would actually do that.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Former Furniture: An Online Marketplace for High End Furniture
1/27/09 09:51 PM

Big Beaver Rd. Exit 69
off of I-75 in Auburn Hills, Michigan

I'm not kidding

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1/27/09 09:16 PM

step 5 1/2:
turn power back on

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11/19/08 12:14 PM

I'm a HUGE fan of restore-a-finish; I got some to touch up a craigslist find, and was so impressed with the results that I used it on all of my vintage and hand-me-down furniture. Just be sure to get the correct (corresponding) wood tone. It does minimize the appearance of (minor) chips as well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Restoring a Mid-Century Coffee Table?
6/16/08 08:55 PM