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As a serious chess player, I'm going to say that these selections are obviously for people who have more interest in getting compliments on their chic living space than they are about playing chess. It's fine if you don't play the game, but it's pathetic when people feel like they have to put up such a facade in this manner, to pretend that they are into the game because it's somehow seen as intellectual or so on. It's like pretending to have a love of classical music just because you know some professor that liked it.

Anyways, requiring players to figure out what a particular piece does is not desirable in an already complex strategy game. I find it hilarious that the author seems to condemn all traditional chess sets as evoking "LOTR", that there is no middle ground between the modern obscurities and the elves and goblins representing the pieces in Harry Potter. Come on.

Buy a traditional Staunton set in whatever material you like, but don't change the pieces in the name of some obscure fashion, and don't pretend to be something you're not. Or you'll get laughed at by the first competent player that steps into your place, $700 chic chess set notwithstanding.

Queen of the Board: Modern Chess Sets
6/21/12 02:21 PM