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Great transformation - i like both the before and the after. Olive trees do not need a lot of water and despite a previous poster saying - they arent water 'sucks'. Ive seen one living in a barrel of sand and rarely watered or given tlc and it thrived. And 'fruited'. There are many many groves in Australia in arid land and they pluss the rest of the trees around them go ganbusters.
I think it would be a total joy to have that water out in the yard, its not overbearing (its clean - so i guess Kity drinks it!) and if you are able to swim/relax in it then all the more special. Bet the friends and neighbours love visiting!

Garden Before & After: Carolyn's Pretty Natural Pond Pool Garden
The Gardenist

6/24/12 02:53 AM

Its a great make over. Though it gives me green eyes - here in Aus the only shower curtains i have ever seen are all plastic - no cloth or even double layered plastic/fabric. Its annoying that we just dont seem to get some things here!

Before & After: Ottoman Transformation Jill Browning
6/24/12 02:39 AM

I love Rue and i can see the styling for the shots - ive missed a stack of comments but what happened to that old vintage stove? It was beautiful. I love the re-model of the house and i bet its a joy to live in!

Raina & Robert's Modern Farmhouse Makeover
A Before & After House Tour

6/24/12 02:00 AM

I love it - great use of much needed space, organised and love you did keep the door - nobody wants work staring them in the face!

Before & After: Melissa's "Cloffice" on a Budget Shoestring Magazine
6/24/12 12:48 AM

*years. Not ears :)

Before & After: 1 Day, $1000 Patio Transformation Style By Emily Henderson
6/23/12 10:07 PM

Polyurethane outdoor rugs can last ears without fading or wearing out - you of course have to roll them and give them a hose over every now and then so as to not become a spider/insect haven plus they are usually treated so mould doesnt accumulate. and they are light enough to pick up and move anywhere - i think the area looks comfy, bright and welcoming - balanced and a great place to invite friends over sit, chat and have drinks. The pop of colour looks great and with those lights overhead at night it would transform. I can see a lot has been done - the table in the back painted, the planting and potting - plants arent cheap. Overall id feel very relaxed and comfortable in this area and im betting the owner does too!

Before & After: 1 Day, $1000 Patio Transformation Style By Emily Henderson
6/23/12 10:06 PM

I think it looks fabulous, colours are great. Id get a can of glass frosting spray - a few layers sprayed on - it would look much lighter on the smoky glass. I can understand not wanting to take them off - stuff gets a greasy/dusty coating unless you are always wiping over and washing down in there.

Before & After: Katie's Big Easy Kitchen
6/23/12 07:16 AM