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I thought Sharp had come out with a 110" LCD a year or so ago?

I know a doctor I did some work for was REALLY, REALLY debating whether to get one for his den. He decided a 65" was plenty.

We actually designed the entire technology room for him, surround sound angles, 48 Gigabit network drops, 8 Wireless Access Points, Whole Home Audio, the whole bit.

Its a great home, but too modern looking for me.

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We Check Out the World's Largest LED HDTV From Sharp
6/21/12 07:18 AM


I never did get into the whole "on facebook/twitter every moment of every day" bandwagon. I don't want everyone to know I am taking a nap!

I even had someone I follow post they were going to "eat mattress" tonight! Why would I want everyone to know that?

Update Facebook While Showering? Final Frame
6/21/12 07:12 AM

Another great way to increase on-battery time is to switch to a SSD hard drive (seems to add at least another 40 minutes) and also turn on AHCI (if possible).

I have seen some spectacular changes in computers in my computer repair st louis shop over the last 2 decades, but battery life isn't one of them.


Make Your Laptop's Battery Last Over 10 Hours
6/21/12 07:08 AM