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Cute tuxedo!!

Eliza's Eclectic Glam Nursery My Room
7/29/14 05:39 PM

Great idea!! I love ice cream cake so this works for me. My birthday is in February so I have a "half-birthday" coming up and I will make this cake to celebrate. Thanks!!!

The Simplest 2-Ingredient Birthday Cake for Summer Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
7/29/14 12:34 PM

Re Skinny House in Boston - Copps Hill Burying Ground always gave me the chills what with those jagged headstones. I always thought of people being burned at the stake, crushed under huge boulders and other punishments for "witches."

Spite Houses Are Exactly What They Sound Like
7/25/14 10:39 AM

Sori Yonagi. *sigh* Can't take me anywhere.....

Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Bowls
7/24/14 01:57 PM

I googled Yori Sonagi as I was not familiar with the name and while I don't (yet) need a set of stainless bowls, I did like the stainless tea kettle and would have purchased it if it were a whistler. Yes, I know whistling tea kettles are considered grandma-ish but I like them anyway.

Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Bowls
7/24/14 01:57 PM

I am done with "pop of color." Enough already.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 01:47 PM

I felt uncomfortable reading this post. When people post photos of their homes for a house tour, house call or small cool, they know the territory even if they don't like the outcome. However, if your neighbor did not agree to allow you to critique her home on the Internet, what you did is not cool. The fact that it is anonymous does not make it okay. She could have been dealing with significant issues that precluded maintaining an AT-ready home or maybe having a minimalist home was not a priority.

5 \"French Women\" Strategies for a Healthy Home
7/24/14 08:56 AM

I am a fan of pink but I understand that a pink bathroom can become cloying after only a few days. I'd keep it simple - white paint with a pink undertone, white soft goods and minimal decor - until I was able to renovate.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 12:47 PM

Thanks for the explanation. I became somewhat okay with the concept until I read that horrid quote from the developer. Geez, that is the worst spin I've ever heard.

NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/23/14 08:41 AM

I'm curious to see how this will be carried out. Would the doorman decide who is qualified to enter through the Rich door? Or will the affordable housing folks have to wear yellow stars or otherwise be marked for easy identification? I am surprised the 99% in NYC are not up in arms over this.

NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/22/14 04:31 PM

True but the status quo is being abused by this guy in Palm Springs, the nanny in Southern California and probably in other places. There has to be a middle ground that protects both sides.

Airbnb, couchsurfing, etc rely on people being reasonable and nice but some people aren't and you don't know who is evil and scheming until they are in your home and it is then too late. Scary.

Skylark Melody, what a terrible thing to have happened to your friend's relative.

Airbnb Renter Refuses to Leave Design News
7/22/14 12:47 PM

Command hooks are awesome. I hung my bedroom window sheers on three hooks with a tension rod and I also put two hooks on the wall (turned sideways) as holdbacks. I did not use the tiny hooks shown above for the curtains; however, I do use small ones to hold my keys and a hand-held mirror among other things.. I've never had a problem with anything falling off the wall or taking the hooks off the wall.

10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About
7/21/14 04:50 PM

I missed this post the first time around. I rented and then owned in the South End for years. I remember when Copley Place was built and how mice ran wild throughout the South End during construction. In the end, it was great to have a T Station a block or so from my apartment.

I am a huge fan of classic films and love to watch them on the big screen so I went to Brattle Theater and the Coolidge Corner Theater regularly. I miss being able to do that. I wish the AFI Silver Theater showed more classic films instead of the films that are shown in every other theater across Metro DC.

A Renter's Life in Boston: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy Renters Guide
7/10/14 10:20 AM

The dessert post!! The cake looks so yummy and I like the "flavor holes" that allow toppings to soak through to the bottom.

I cannot believe the midnight photos, it looks like daytime instead of night. *sigh* I have to go to Sweden to experience these looooong days and to stop by the IKEA Museum.

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 9pm-12am, Dessert
7/10/14 08:54 AM

Love this. I love the late-1960s yellow and orange living room and could happily live there now. My parents had one of those bouncing bubble accessories (on the coffee table) back in the 70s. I wish the IKEA museum would put together a traveling exhibition and bring it to the US.

IKEA Through the Decades: A Time Capsule of Design from the 1950s Through Today A Visit to the IKEA Museum in Almhult, Sweden
7/9/14 08:20 AM

My drinking glasses are this size although they are not this particular `brand. I prefer smaller glasses and use them for everything - juice, water, wine, etc. I am down to two though and could use a new set, hmmmmmm.

Petite Picardie Glasses
7/9/14 08:09 AM

I like the Anthropologie sofa. None of the others look comfortable. Oh well, at 5'7", I'm too tall to stretch out comfortably on a settee.

10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces
7/8/14 08:58 AM

Looks like a lovely and relaxing affair. What was for dessert?

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 6pm, Dinner
7/7/14 03:16 PM

The chaise is actually velvet although it looks like leather or pleather in the photo. Looks pretty comfortable. What?

Discount Furniture Ads Finally Get a Sense of Humor
7/7/14 10:39 AM

They probably couldn't snag a man for marriage and must now go through life alone. Poor things, if only they had been more feminine.***

***Before anyone gets a hissy fit going, I am being sarcastic.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/1/14 01:45 PM