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our closet space sucks so much I will have to buy a rolling clothes rack.

7 Space Saving Clothes Hangers
11/5/12 04:57 PM

I was actually thinking of getting these shelves but spray painting them a bright turquoise instead or teal

DIY Idea: Brighten Up Ikea Shelves Better Homes and Gardens
8/16/12 12:57 PM

Everything is better with cheese...or bacon

A Cheesy Twist on Mashed Potatoes: Pommes Aligot
The Cheesemonger

11/23/11 04:51 PM

No PF up here in Alberta but I've been trying to perfect Newfoundland style stuffing for Christmas. Soo good when its done right

The Great Stuffing Debate: Pepperidge Farm vs. All the Rest
11/22/11 08:49 PM

Xmas Eve we always had Oyster Stew and the next day my dads always changing Oyster stuffing. He always got the Oyster in a container from the cold case..no shucking.

I wish my hubby liked oysters so I can at least make one of these dishes every year

Oyster Stuffing: Is it Worth All the Shucking?
11/22/11 06:59 PM

I love Grocery shopping and pretty much shop everyday for that nights dinner.

On the other hand my husband hates it with a passion

Cook to Cook: Do You Enjoy Grocery Shopping?
10/24/11 08:09 PM

What could i sub for the White Wine? Wine of any kind triggers migraines for me

Recipe: Slow-Cooked Bolognese Sauce
11/28/10 07:10 PM

I love just having squash for supper. My norm is baked with a pat of good butter and a sprinkle of either brown sugar or drizzle of honey Mmmm think I'll have that tomorrow now

How to Eat Half a Squash for Dinner
10/11/10 08:29 PM

I use my toaster/convention for cooking pretty much anything oven related with the exception of lasagna.

I've made chinese style ribs, roasted chickens, baked cookies, mufins, quiche and casserole..

I do not use the toaster function except to make cheese toast.

It also have the rotisserie feature but I have not used that that.

You'll have to pry my toaster oven out of my stiff cold hands:D

10 Best Uses for Your Toaster Oven | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/10/10 07:33 PM

MMMm I'm having steamed broccoli tonight but I love my trusty Black and Decker steamer I bought on sale for 15$

How To Steam Vegetables Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/10/10 06:58 PM

I think I may save up and get a couple of those Trovast bins from IKEA, the long one could double as a bench in our small entry way also and a tall one would nicely fit in the tightly packed storage room. Would be a better solution that what I'm doing now.

How To Set Up a Home Recycling Station That Works Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/9/10 10:11 PM

What great timing as I'm off to find a sleep machine today. While I dont mind the outside noise (and we live downtown too) its the upstairs neighbors I need to drown out:D

Round Up: White Noise Machines For a Peaceful Night's Sleep | Apartment Therapy DC
1/9/10 12:12 PM

No matter how I try I can't make myself like oatmeal...

However I adore Cream of Wheat and have it for breakfast often. I love Malt O Meal hot cereal too but I can't get it up here in Canada

Porridge for Breakfast: 5 Hot Cereals To Fill You Up | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/10/09 12:04 PM

I have Jared's Made in Brooklyn book and though I love it there aren't any patterns in there for home accent stuff or afghans..just handknit for wearing

Apartment Therapy New York | Knits with Sense of Place by Jared Flood
11/1/09 04:52 PM

I made this last night with a few potatoes and it was really tasty.

Today I fished out the remaining potatoes (ate them cold) and will serve the remaining stew over polenta tonight.

Great recipe and I'll be making again this week and trying to freeze (minus the potatoes)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Classic Beef Stew
11/1/09 02:57 PM

We use ours currently as a room divider between the living room and dining room, books on one side and kitchen/dining stuff on the other. I need to seriously declutter it though

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Expedit: 7 Ways to Use It
10/27/09 03:11 PM

We're doing one wall in our bedroom in Gray Wolf by Benjamin Mooore and the other walls Cascade White. I love Gray

Apartment Therapy DC | Paint: Finding The Perfect Gray
9/13/09 07:06 PM

I adore Fiestware and I'm still kicking myself in the butt for selling off all of mine:( especially the Gray

Apartment Therapy DC | Collections: Fiesta Dinnerware!
9/10/09 09:29 PM

I love Gray. We're repainting our apartment in either shades of blue or coordinating shades of gray/blue.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Perfectly Gray Rooms From LA House Tours
9/10/09 09:21 PM

Ikea also sells them. I'm picking up some next month. I cant find the link online but if you stop by you may be able to find them

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 8 Ways to Label Your Bookshelves
9/10/09 09:16 PM