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@valsj you probably had some older wool carpet, which if your okay with oxiclean that works the best on it. Baking soda can bleach the wool so be careful but vinegar and water is the best. Learned that at age 10 from a very angery mom.

3 Tips for Refreshing Old Carpet Renters Solutions
7/15/14 09:54 AM

I love your painting, but it feels like its floating in a sea of nothingness. Its almost too small to be by itself on the wall. It should help anchor the room but its making it feel loose and not quiet right. At first it looks almost too high from the couch and eye line. I agree some table lamps could help or some taller greenery in the corner could draw the eye back down, but something as simple as a few throw pillows or a blanket with simular colorful tones may do the trick to pull the eye around the room. Time to raid the local pier 1 XD

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs aLittle Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 09:14 AM

I disagree with the post saying the litter doesn't smell. I used to use the one without the hood; the litter still smelled, and the crystals have a very chemical smell to them. When it came to changing the box and pouring in more litter it was always super dusty and the smell would stick on your skin. For 3 cats one box would barely last a week before the crystals wouldn't absorb anymore or the poop area was on overload.

The best hack was putting worlds best cat litter in it and that worked wonderfully for a while then the motor died. Bck to scooping the old fashioned way.

I'd be interested if anyone has one of those rolling to scoop litter boxes.

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/25/14 10:42 AM

So the doors for the book cases most likely come in a different package, got to love IKEA flat packaging. Have you looked at maybe using the full glass doors with the more built-in looking wooden self option?

Glass Bookcases: Pretty or Cluttered? Good Questions
6/23/14 11:17 AM

As someone who has had the Ektorp it can be a great couch IF you get nicer slipcovers! The Ikea ones are not meant to be washed at home, but there are plenty of online sites that will make you washable and dryable slip covers. Also, most if not all IKEA couches fold flat. The Ektorp loveseat + lounge fits all folded up in a Ford Flex. So you shouldn't have issues getting it in and out of your home by yourself.

Help Me Find a Low Profile Sectional that Isn't Mid-Century Modern? Good Questions
6/19/14 10:20 AM

If you don't plan on using it for fire a budget friendly option would be to add color or pattern with non-permanent wall papers and appliques. I suggest something you can remove in case you do want to have a nice fire.

Ideas for Decorating Fireplaces? Good Questions
6/12/14 09:40 AM

I've made two of these now for out door gatherings without the rose water and chocolate sauce . I make them and freeze them for at least 2 hours before hand. Then By the time I've driven to the location (about 45 mins) and everyone has eaten the main course it's perfectly thawed. Big hits both times :)

Summer Recipe: No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake Recipes from The Kitchn
6/11/14 11:24 AM

Yep! Turns out my upstairs neighbor and I worked in the same place for 6 months too. Saw each other a few times but never said "Hi"

Do You Avoid Your Neighbors?
4/15/14 10:39 AM

Your landlord should take care of cleaning it up. Recently my upstairs neighbor's bathroom had a small leak that over time caused some water to get into my carpet and under my dresser. It'd leak a little then dry, but all the moisture caused my dreser to be a breeding ground for mold. They replaced ALL of the carpet in that room and sprayed biocide and suggested a small deludeted spray of tea-tree oil. The mold ended up not being deadly but they still had to replace everything, even gave me money to buy a new dresser.

Is Blackish Mold in Shower THE Black Mold? Good Questions
3/26/14 10:29 AM

I'm one of those weirdos who like hawiian pizza, but when our order from the local place got messed up one night it turned out to be a good thing. Essentially only half of our pizza was sauce & pineapple. I've made a varition at home without cheese: sauce, pinapple, sliced almonds, red onion (not sauted before, just raw) and then sprinkle some cinnomon on top before you bake.

Also try not using traditional pizza sauce, we often make a BBQ pizza with leftovers.

How Can I Make Great Vegan Pizza? Good Questions
1/29/14 08:59 AM

I have the simular malm bed, its great and sturdy and HEAVY. I just use the slats and a regular serta mattress from my old bed and tossed out the box spring (it was broken anyways). My only issue with the ikea bed is the amount of time it takes to put together. Its probably the most difficult of the ikea pieces but as long as you take your time and do it right the piece will last.

Reviews of IKEA Mattresses & Brimnes Bed ? Good Questions
1/28/14 09:20 AM

We did the same thing, the one present always happened to be freshly washed and new pjs. All so that we would look nice in the video/photos for my grandparents.

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/20/13 10:46 AM

I mostly used mine for cuddling for warmth when its cold. I have used one as an ice bag before though.

My Latest Obsession: The Hot Water Bottle
12/13/13 10:33 AM

Personally, I dislike when I offer to bring something and my MIL just say, oh no don't bring anything. I am sorry but I was brought up in a way that we bring something, always. It bothers me the most that she thinks I can't do anything to help, when shes doing all the work herself, no help and truthfully isn't the best cook. Somthing always burnt, over cook or severly undercooked.

If You Don't Tell Me What to Bring, You'll Get a Veggie Tray
11/25/13 02:37 PM

My husband and I used to drink a few gallons a week, then my husband started getting sick and cut out milk and has felt fine since. So I started buying alternative milks to try, it works for a while but milk is milk. Finally we switched to organic 2% or full if its available. My husband has noticed small amounts of this don't seem to cause any issues, and I have to say I enjoy just having a glass of milk again.

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
11/12/13 11:20 AM

I roast my chicken upside down, breast in the juices. Dark meat tends to not dry out easily, so I can still get crispy skin pieces but my bird is still moist.

Is Basting the Turkey Really Necessary?
11/12/13 11:16 AM

I love my yurbuds! Mine are blue/green not necessarily girly but they come in other colors than pink. They are the only earbuds without the over ear support that don't magically fall out of my ear when I am just sitting at my pc. As far as sound quality, they are decent for earbuds and with the different shape you can keep the music volume down and still hear around you.

5 Headphones Designed for Women
11/6/13 10:13 AM

Mine came with a few recipes for cake (sponge cake) and bread, but here are a few ideas: http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/surprising-things-you-can-make-in-a-rice-cooker

What Can I Make in a Rice Cooker Besides Rice? Good Questions
10/8/13 10:44 AM

I am a bottom floor dweller living below a nice couple with two puppies. I've been lucky enough to have neighbors that keep similar hours to mine own. I find I don't care that their dogs are going crazy at 7 a.m. for breakfast and 5 p.m. when their owners are home from work, as long as 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. everything is quiet up there. Maybe discussing some quiet hours might be a good compromise.

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 01:39 PM

The color thing threw me for a loop planning my August wedding. I went with grey and green because I got married in a very green arboretum and the bridesmaids dresses looked very classy in shades of grey when I couldn't decide on a color they'd all look good in. I think grey is a wonderful color to play around with.

My Winter Wedding Color Palette:
Colors from Nature

12/6/12 10:46 AM