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After 12 months of trialling different tapes, I settled on using one long strip of a special low tack adhesive which has just enough strength to hold the photograph up (if I used any less the mounts would fall off the walls). Because of the low tack nature of the adhesive the mounts don't mark or damage modern painted surfaces - although I wouldn't recommend using them on wallpaper or painted plaster surfaces as those surfaces can be damaged.

@Erin: I started selling them last year at the Powerhouse Museum Young Blood market (twice a year) and the Melbourne Design Market last December, it was a great success as I sold out at both markets. I haven't approached any retailers yet but my goal this year is to start selling at some design stores and possibly photo printing outlets.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Curator Photo Wall Mounting System
3/1/09 08:34 PM

Hi my name's Huw, I live in Sydney and have spent the last five years working on designing and producing the photo curator, thanks for all of your feedback.

I initially designed these photo wall mounts as a way to do something with the 1000's of digital photos which were on my computer.
The idea was to print out & swap around the images as i took new photos, keeping the wall fresh and having a constant reminder of my latest events.

That's the purpose of them - to have a stylish and simple way to mount those digis that you've had printed out. You're right in saying that they're not really suitable for rare prints. But for being able to quickly change-out photos on a whim, they're perfect.

I make the curator's down in Sydney to support local industry and I've got some interesting new extensions to the idea that will be released within the next couple of years.

Anyway - it was good to hear everyone's feedback, thanks for taking an interest in curator. Email me if you have any other questions!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Curator Photo Wall Mounting System
2/28/09 10:05 PM

I have been using an old ikea table as a work bench but found it lacking (wobbly, not square etc). also living in an apartment I was hogging valuable 'living' space, thanks this is a great idea.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Our Outdoor Workshop
6/24/08 10:10 PM

Great advice, I was wondering how to get around the constant flux of nursery decor i.e buy for a particular age/trend then sell/dump... much better to collect a few key pieces that can last a 'childhood' and 'travel' with you and them, very inspiring.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Baby Emmett's Room
6/24/08 09:52 PM

Love the old school desk in Remy's room, lots of nice worn in dark wood to warm up the room. Is that also a Dick Frizzell print?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Tilda's Charming Room
6/24/08 09:45 PM

I had a similar idea but in the end I couldn't help myself and made my own design (I trained as a sculptor) and now I cast them at home in my garage they stick on the wall with a low tack adhesive so you can move them around without damaging the wall and it's really easy to swap the photos around - let me know what you think..

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Ideas for a Picture Wall?
6/16/08 04:22 AM