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nooooo I can't deal with this

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/14/14 01:21 PM

Yeeeah, 1Q84!!! Good book taste :-)

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/10/14 12:28 PM

Great apartment! I live in a similar one.
I just don't know why you keep that plastic yellow couch when you have that beautiful grey one. It's so bulky and you could easily replace it with one or two smaller chairs.

Kate's Garden Oasis Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 02:55 AM

Awesome! How long does it keep in the refrigerator?

How I Save Time and Space in My Kitchen with Souper Mix Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
3/26/14 01:43 PM

This looks awesome!

Kitchen Before & After: A Bland, Bare Brooklyn Kitchen Gets Some Personality Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/26/14 09:26 AM

I make wraps with crunchy lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped red bell pepper, and soft avocado and feta cheese, it looks beautiful and it certainly has lots of texture.

I Can't Smell or Taste! Ideas for Texturally Interesting Recipes? Good Questions
2/6/14 03:11 AM

I see a lot of people talking about simmering, and I have simmered tomato sauces from 15 minutes to almost one hour and still got a bit of a runny sauce. That is, until I realized that simmering with the lid on won't do any good: the fluids you're boiling out of it damp their way up to the lid and then drop back down. No, the KEY is: simmer without the lid, so you reduce it. The steam will evaporate and the sauce will become nice and thick, the longer the better! For a regular marinara sauce I let it simmer without lid for about 30-45mins on medium heat, stirring regularly so it doesn't burn to the bottom. For a perfect bolognaise lasagna sauce, I often have it on a medium-low heat for 2-3 hours!

It may be common knowledge to some people but realizing this took my italian cooking to a whole other level!

How Can I Make Thicker Tomato Sauce? Good Questions
1/10/14 02:52 PM

How hunger-satisfying are these? They look delicious, but I never feel full after only one or two breakfast cookies.

How (and Why) to Bring the Cookie Tin to the Breakfast Table
12/20/13 02:41 PM

If you buy it, then you can take it with you everywhere you move, forever! It would be a shame to see such a beautiful object go to the dumpster... I say buy it!

Should I Offer to Buy the Vintage Stove in My Rental from My Landlord? Good Questions
12/11/13 08:55 AM

What recipe is this picture from?

Miso Paste: Gluten-Free and Soy-Free Alternatives
10/15/13 03:52 PM

If you just buy them for regular garlic use (just one or two cloves at a time), how long would you be able to keep them fresh?

Time-Saving Tip: Buy Peeled Garlic for Your Next Dinner Party
10/3/13 07:58 AM

That's two giant red bell peppers!

Fruit-Wall: A Striking, Space-Saving Way to Store Your Fruit
9/30/13 01:32 PM

I love the colour of the cabinets, but your kitchen could use a few non-ceiling lights, imho :-) Now it's... too lit, if there is such a thing.

Tammy's \"Turquoise Whimsy\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/20/13 04:38 PM

I loved their previous books!

Made At Home: Vegetables by Dick and James Strawbridge New Cookbook
9/20/13 04:51 AM


Kitchen Colors: Charcoal, Tan, and Wood Kitchen Inspiration
9/12/13 10:46 AM


Kristen & Michelle's Modern Bohemian House Tour
8/8/13 04:13 PM

Would love to see the rest of the house!

Sarah's Neutral Salvaged Wood Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/30/13 06:15 AM

YES!!! I love this!!

Jennifer's Full-Service NYC Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/17/13 12:42 PM

How do you imagine people holding both utensils when they pause to eat - like pictured in the image above, or clenched in their fists? Because most people in Europe keep holding them like above, and if I'd be fending off hordes that's not how I would hold any utensil...

Besides, if utensils are clenched in fists, I think it's also considered a bit rude in Europe.

Fork & Knife Skills: Is It Time to Retire the American Cut-and-Switch?
7/5/13 09:08 AM

That Harry Potter chest! Good taste :-)

Jillian's Snug & Serene Studio House Tour
6/21/13 12:51 PM