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Love it! The only problem I can SEE might be sitting for long periods on the hard plastic panda eyes. I had better come over and test it.....maybe bring a book to read. Also, I'm glad to know that no pandas were harmed in the making of this chair.

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A Bertoia Chair, from Cold to Cuddly

4/1/13 10:49 PM

@stpaulygirl The kitchen can can be partially seen in two photos -- the kitchen sink is below the flower tole chandelier.

Reese & Sarah Hazel's Welcoming Home House Tour
6/19/12 02:54 PM

@ veslabeachgirl - Because I don't pay full price for things and think it's better to cut my losses rather than keep something not needed anymore, I'm probably not the best person to ask about pricing your lovely bed. However, since you asked, if it were me, I'd either take it to the consignment store and let them price it, OR get an idea of what the list price the consignment store would put on it, then sell it for half of that at a garage sale.

Reese & Sarah Hazel's Welcoming Home House Tour
6/18/12 07:16 PM

Thank y'all for all the kindnesses in your comments. Sure has been fun to read everything. I was especially excited to see that Scout Finch commented. Scout Finch!

And please let me know if y'all name your next cat Sarah Hazel. We'll definitely toast your good health, and of course, the cat.

In the "my style" section of the questionaire, I almost wrote "not beige" but y'all all seemed to pick up on that fact. And yes, Southerners do say y'all all when appropiate, as it is in this case.

Understandably, this house and the way we live won't suit everyone. My desire (goal?) is that this is a safe welcoming place for our family and friends, sweet Tilly included, who incidentally, is the best dog we've ever had. Bless her heart, we rescued her from the Humane Society a year and a half ago. In that time, she's more than doubled her weight and is a certified therapy pet who weekly volunteers at Methodist Hospital. She's SUCH a good dog. We thank God everyday for Tilly. She's changed our lives.

Reese & Sarah Hazel's Welcoming Home House Tour
6/14/12 10:46 AM