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My bad, I found it and all the other missing states.

Great Handmade Finds from the 50 States: Ohio through Wyoming (& D.C.!)
7/5/14 05:41 AM

How do you possibly leave out the state of Massachusetts??? It's not on the A-M list and it's not here either. C'mon! It's where it all began!

Great Handmade Finds from the 50 States: Ohio through Wyoming (& D.C.!)
7/5/14 05:40 AM

Love everything but the handle. The leather handle ruins it, IMO. It's just ugly. The original was far better.

Before & After: A Mid-Century Mess Gets a Makeover
6/27/14 11:27 AM

Also, don't swag the light. That's also ruining the look.

Help Me Improve My DIY Light Project! Good Questions
6/18/14 10:51 PM

I think there are a couple issues. First, you are in desperate need of more bulbs, at the very least you need 13 more. Your next problem is that your father in law said they would burst if they actually rested against each other and then he positioned them apart. In all of my time looking at these, they have never, ever been positioned apart and they have never burst. Sometimes they are positioned at different heights for a different look and other times they are all positioned at the same height, but they do not burst. If that was an issue, do you honestly think they'd sell them for such a high price?

Help Me Improve My DIY Light Project! Good Questions
6/18/14 10:45 PM

There is a typo. The west elm Ainslie sofa is $1199, not $1999...NOW THAT WOULD BE A DEAL!!

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Great Things On Sale RIGHT NOW June 13, 2014
6/13/14 10:26 PM

My husband and I just did a 64' fence that was 4ft high to keep our dog from going into the woods that abut the cranberry bogs and bringing back tics (my husband came down with Lyme last October and was in the hospital for a week and before anyone says anything about Frontline - yes we use it but the tics still walk on the dogs and off onto my husband).

Total cost for wood = $149
Delivery = $49 (if we had used our own truck to pick it up we'd have saved ourselves this money)
Wood Stain = $200 (Olympic Elite purchased at Lowes)

The wood was so cheap because we did NOT go to the depot or lowes. We went to a lumber yard and we also used rough cut boards, which are actually thicker. We went horizontal, instead of vertical. This not only looked more modern in the end but also saved us money.

We plan on doing the same design now in an 8' privacy fence that stretches off one side of our house and runs 26 feet in length.

How Much Did it Cost to Build a Wooden Privacy Fence? Reader Intelligence Request
6/13/14 10:33 AM

This is it!

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 10:51 PM

I think that's the Ikea Malm Occasional Table but I don't see it available on their website anymore. If it is, it came on rollers and was $129.

Tamera's Cozy Home Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 06:48 PM

I have found the vendors at Brimfield over the past few years are not very willing to haggle and this is on items that are so clearly overpriced, it's ridiculous! And I'm not talking about the high ticket items, I'm talking about the mass offered items (hand carved wormwood, seaglass beads) and even the vintage pieces. Sometimes I don't want multiple pieces from a vendor, it's just one piece, maybe one piece of fabric. If I'm willing to pay the price, the fine. But I will go on Etsy, Ebay, and any other source and if I find it for a cheaper price, I won't even waste my breathe with the vendor. I've just gotten to the point that if they're gonna start playing the mark up game...I'm gonna play the walk on by game. They've gotten on out of control.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/14/14 06:53 PM

Stainless is over! White is in!

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 10:44 AM

No, it's really not that bad, I do think the leg choice is odd and can't understand that at all. It was done well, but I think the before was better. I'm incredibly sick of people only wanting to hear positive feedback. It's like some people (surfmama included) don't live in the real world. Maybe she spends too much time with her head in the sand, or has swallowed too much ocean water. Most people want honest feedback, they aren't looking for just 'rah rah' feedback. And most intelligent adults understand that when you put something out for judgement you are going to get the good with the bad.

...and while it is a beautiful chair, mid century modern is not luxuriously self-indulgent..haha... decadent... oh goodness... some people are just soooo full of themselves!!!!

Before & After: Beat Up Chair Finds Way Back to Beauty
4/11/14 05:22 PM

It depends on the tile. In this case, your tile definitely looks better Staggered. The tile shown Straight in the Desire to Inspire shot doesn't appear to have any texture to it. It might be a matte, definitely jet black from the image and looks very sexy with the Straight format. Your tile is a bit larger, textured, different shades and I don't think would comes close to the same look as those Straight tiles pulled off. Staggered definitely looks awesome with your tile!!

What's the Best Tile Layout For My Bathroom?: Straight or Staggered?
4/11/14 05:09 PM

Hey surfmama - It's calling having an opinion...learn to be able to allow others to express theirs without making snide comments yourself.

Before & After: Beat Up Chair Finds Way Back to Beauty
4/9/14 05:09 PM

I could sit in those chairs, all day, every day.

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/9/14 05:05 PM

Sorry, but this is one after that I hate. The before was far better!!

Before & After: Beat Up Chair Finds Way Back to Beauty
4/9/14 01:29 PM

My dog Oliver learned not to chew cords very quickly. The vet estimated he was no more than 2 years old when we rescued him. Not long after I was in the kitchen with the vacuum (yes - I vacuum hardwood/tile floors because it's better than sweeping) and all of a sudden I heard a pop and the vacuum stopped running. At the very same moment I heard a sound I hope I never hear again. Oliver was in the hallway and had decided to chew on the vacuum cord. He scared himself with the shock he got that he wet himself (and me because I instinctively scooped him up - and I don't care one bit that he pee'd on me). It had always been one of my fears but I never thought of the vacuum because it's something that I would be present while using.

Oliver is fine, and he was that day. He also stays far away from the vacuum and ALL cords. He learned his lesson but I would have preferred he didn't have to get electrocuted to learn it.

How To Teach Pets to Not Eat Cords
4/2/14 09:51 AM

Is this a serious AT post or an April Fools joke? C'mon? You're kidding right?

Before & After: Unfinished Dresser Gets Colorful New Look
4/1/14 10:19 AM

I love the 2nd pic. The first pic seems very contrived, too much, but the 2nd pic looks cute to me.

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 07:02 PM

YES!!! You totally love it!! Oh my gawd! I'm obsessed. I have been scouring all sources for one to refinish for my living room. If I saw this one, I'd grab it in a heartbeat!

Do I Love this Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough? Good Questions
3/25/14 08:21 AM