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This post has been a revelation for me. I have been thinking about the value of keeping a lot of my books for a while... all my dictionaries and maps are defunct (replaced by Wikipedia and Google), my reference books on hobbies... unused for years (replaced by the internet), cookbooks, almost completely ignored... yep, replaced by the internet.
So I cleaned out a bunch of really useless books the other day (do we really need those 3 Jeremy Clarkson books honey?) and made some instant cash at the used bookstore down the road. I regard a lot of remaining books as 'on trial' and the really precious, loved books will of course remain to pass on to my kids when they are ready. Result? I already have 10% more space on my shelves. I understand why some people want to hang on to their books and even slightly agree with Bellarochella about the need to for de-cluttering reaching a manic stage. But we don't need to get rid of EVERYTHING, just adopt a slightly less clingy attitude about our things. Anyway, enough pontificating people - I'm off to sell more books!

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6/12/12 05:51 PM