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These days people get married at so many different phases of life - 24 and starting out or 35 and have everything - I think its best to understand not everyone is in the same place in their lives when they walk down the isle.

When my husband and I got married we were leaving to live in Argentina for a year 4 weeks after the wedding. We didn't want to have to store tons of gifts after selling more than half our belongings. But we did realize it was a chance to start the collections; china, silver, stemware, that we probably would have a hard time starting on our own. So that's all we registered for and some guests got us things off the registry, others gave money and some very fashionable aunts went off registry and gave us some amazingly beautiful things (but they know me well and our style). I also knew I was the person who would use the fancy table settings but not everyone will.

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8/23/12 10:37 AM