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its a great piece of advertising, and it shows a desire to come toward a vulnerable population--and maybe that way those that are without housing will be more likely to search out the services of the agency. I like it--Way to go RainCity!

These Vancouver Benches Fold Out into Homeless Shelters Design News
7/7/14 05:21 PM

I second the command hooks (or third maybe), they ever make ones that will hold wire hangers and saw tooth, which I used in student housing to hang some heavier art pieces. I chose to just all out ignore my wall color, but that was from the necessity of not really having a lot of money to choose other furniture finishes. I hope you find the community that that housing provides a blessing, I know for all of its challenges it was for me.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/26/14 05:45 PM

Vandykes Restores has some castors--not any that look exactly like the ones above, but some cool looking metallic ones:


Before & After: From Old to Gold Bar Cart Revamp!
6/23/14 05:29 PM

It looks lovely! I am a little sad that the matchstick box that had been above the light switch didn't find its way back in...

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/17/14 11:25 AM

I want cross stitch dinosaurs!

Linus' Cozy & Traditional Bedroom Kids Room Tour
6/16/14 01:58 PM

Noosa is worth every penny! I love pretty much everyone of their flavors.

Noosa Yogurt
6/16/14 09:48 AM

I agree the twin beds do look a little uncomfortable--I have seen church pews with more padding!

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/13/14 04:04 PM

Your home looks so inviting!

Sonja's Airy Ambiance Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 04:37 PM

I grew up in a pastor's family and we moved on average once every 5 years. I can echo a lot of what you learned moving with your family. I think the "first morning" box is absolutely brilliant!

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/11/14 11:20 AM

a) I love that you have found a home neighborhood (what's 750 sq ft, when you can walk to everything?!)
b) I think you have collected some wonderful things
c) I think your "better to ask forgiveness then permission" paint philosophy is brilliant.

Thus ends Hannah's list.

Kendall's Great Location Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 09:19 AM

I love, love, love the home you describe--even without a picture I would want to visit.

Hilary's Tiny Treasure Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 11:00 AM

What a shame northern South Dakota is a lovely place to visit!

How Did You Decide Who Gets Which Bedroom?
6/10/14 10:58 AM

My sisters, my mother and I were recently talking about what us kids considered my parents law, "if its wood tone, leave it alone!" My mom said she didn't think that was true, but from my childhood I knew more techniques to use paint-strippers and heat guns then how to paint furniture. I think Virginia's law is a good compromise.

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 10:23 AM

I have dreams about tiny houses like yours!

Vina's Minimal Impact on the Earth Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 01:39 PM

The two old man cats sleep with me. One as close to my head as possible and the other one on my hip. The one that likes to perch himself on my hip will yell at me if I move too much. I have made the concession of buying a comforter as close to their fur color as possible (ginger kittens plus chocolate comforter= daily hair battles), but I am going to try the fleece throw and see if I can keep more off to start with!

Pets in the People Bed: Tips for a Cleaner & Cozier Pet Pajama Party Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
6/4/14 10:52 AM

Michigan is my parent's home state and I have a soft spot for growers there, as my Grandparents have a small apple orchard. I am glad to see that the cherry growers are rallying after the loss last year, and I will take a closer look to see if I can find cherries in my frozen foods section!

How Tart Cherries Are Grown in Michigan: And Why You Should Look for Them Now Grower Tour
6/4/14 09:10 AM

You have such a warm and inviting space!

Anya's Retro Flair Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 05:25 PM

I loved the lightness of this space, and I am going to go find some amazing contact paper tonight!

Kerra's Picture-Perfect Perch House Tour
5/30/14 02:07 PM

This is so great! I love that the investment of those that will benefit are the creative drivers.

Philadelphia Students Build App for Safer Walk to School Design News
5/29/14 05:32 PM

I love the drawing paper on the wall! (At least that's what it looks like) it's like my favorite resteraunt that gives you crayons to draw on the paper table cloth.

Gwynn's Downtown View Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 07:08 PM