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isn't the point of art to elicit emotion and dialogue? glad to see such passionate postings about a place that max obviously has passion about.

Max's West Hollywood Glamazon House Tour
6/12/12 02:35 PM

really, really intrigued by this place. thanks for posting AT! after reading through the posts i had to comment as while i love the details of this place i'm disappointed in the inconsistency of the photography. the light is blown out so much in so many of the photos you can't see the details of the light fixture in the bedroom and the colors are inconsistent from shot to shot so i have to wonder what the right light level is -- i'd bet the color is richer and not so washed out give how blown out light sources are. really wish AT had used a better photographer. and while i didn't see the sponge and the broom i agree with the poster who noted that the photographer should have seen what they were shooting and cleared them from the frame. love, love love the bedroom ceiling and love how max isn't afraid to layer colors and pattern -- good for you max! others have said it but i want to echo two things -- 1. thanks for something that is so different from most of your tours and 2. i want to see more of what this designer does in the spaces he designs. number 2 made me check out his website and i suggest others should see it -- there is an AMAZING dining room with wallpapered ceiling and some other fab, spaces. thanks AT.

Max's West Hollywood Glamazon House Tour
6/12/12 01:47 AM