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Block off a couple parking spots and do movie night with a projector- BYOchair. Do a community yard sale.

Ideas for Building Community at Large Condo Complex? Good Questions
2/5/14 02:54 PM

I had a similar problem. I needed privacy for my two french doors for night, but also wanted to be able to see though them during the day. I put a long rod over the top of the whole length, plus 1 foot extra on each side for curtains. I was worried that it would look weird, or be inconvenient to open and close the doors with the curtains; neither of which were a problem. If you also want to see through the windows sometimes, I would use the small circular closet bracket/flange/holder to hold the rods on the walls (or lathe and plaster) which would be easy to repair holes.

How To Cover Windows in Front Door? Good Questions
6/11/12 09:48 PM