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Great suggestions for those just starting out on a budget, but I think eventually you do figure out what mental tricks work best for you. Personally I hate carrying cash on me because it seems to just disappear so easily--if it's already taken out of the ATM then it's already budgeted and accounted for and I can spend it freely, in my mind. Using debit cards (and rewards credit cards, paying the balance each month of course) makes it much easier for me to manage and track my spending.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 03:10 PM

Pretty! If only I could see more than 25% of the "after" product...

Before & After: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand Gets an Inventive Upgrade
3/21/14 10:26 AM

It's gorgeous but seems awfully severe and monastery-like, especially for a 12-year-old boy. They all must be very zen... :)

The McDonalds' Serene, Minimalist Home House Tour
3/18/14 04:03 PM

I live in a condo with two full baths, but we only use the tub/shower in one of them. We hide the litter box in the shower in the guest bath.

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:47 PM

This is so inspiring. :) I'm a fairly tidy person, but all too often I'll let most things go for a few weeks and then do a big crazy clean once a month. I love the idea of cleaning for just 15 minutes most days and always having a house that's sparkling. I'm fairly glued to my phone anyway, so I just installed a to-do list app with automatically recurring weekly and monthly chores. Thanks for the great post!

The House that Cleans Itself: The Power of a Weekly Cleaning Schedule
2/19/14 03:26 PM

Their commitment to green living is beyond admirable and I envy what must be their miniscule cost of living, but damn does this level of rustic-ness and isolation look nightmarishly depressing to me. I could do maybe a weekend in that house, tops.

Tim and Hannah's Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin House Tour
2/3/14 02:46 PM

Thanks all! The light fixture came from zgallerie.com and the plush robot and spaceship were zulily.com finds. Iggy will just be his nickname -- his middle name is going to be Ignatius -- but it's already sticking with all our family members. :)

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/14/12 09:27 PM

I love the baskets and am dying to find some like these but can't seem to turn them up anywhere. Link??

Søren's Sunny With a Chance of Smiles Nursery My Room
6/10/12 09:42 AM