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It just occurred to me that you don't need those cardboard backing boards on the Billy bookcases. They simply take on the color contrast of the walls.

Thanks Rodellee!

Inside The Lovely Studio Of Adore Vintage Workspace Tour
5/4/12 11:03 PM

Wow, this is really cool, and would have a place in my studio, but I'm thinking DIY here...

How could I do this? How would I get a graphic printed on material to make, say, a slipcover with a keyboard graphic? I'm also thinking about a graphic of a mixing desk on a day lounger. My mind draws a blank on the DIY aspect...

Woouf's Moog Sofa Final Frame
4/11/12 10:54 PM

"AKTIV"? It needs a non-descript Ikea name... like SAARSGARD

IKEA Offers Fully Furnished Homes Design News 03.01.12
3/1/12 09:12 PM

Sorry...this is a "shed". Granted it doesn't look like the garden variety Amish-built models around my neighborhood, but it's a shed none the less. A lot nicer than my 7x7 Suncraft plastic outhouse.

Joey's Small and Spacious Modern Abode Tech Tour
3/1/12 09:00 PM

With Tom Bihn's clocking in at half the price, there is no way in hell I would pay $400 for this. Agreed, the bag can be used three different ways, but I can't see where the other $200 worth of "heart and soul" are. Is this to balance against juice box iPhone cases?

Porter's 3 Way Brief
Apartment Therapy Tech Test Lab

1/15/12 11:48 PM