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I think that these guys are on the money! Not only are they fun to watch and have great comedic value, they have some strong points.

"12. Better cameras don't make better photos
Of course they do. A better camera can have features that allow you to take better photos. A better camera can also have noticeably better image quality through a better sensor."

I have to disagree with you here. Sure, if you have better gear you can take images with higher picture quality, but today's basic cameras even on the low end of the scale have fairly high image quality anyway. And to be honest, the kind of photographers that would be interested in these tips are not likely to be blowing their images up to billboard size! The main thing about this point is that any basic DSLR (and even point & shoot camera) on the market will produce only the best image that the photographer who is taking the photo is able to frame up. If you don't have the basics, even the best camera wont help you...

Love these guys, and cant wait to see more of what they have to offer!
Thanks for the great post

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