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I've never had any formal training in any type of dance but I've always prided myself on the strength and tone of my leg muscles. Recently (within the past 2-3 years) I have embraced the habit of 'walking like a dancer' in exactly the same way you described above. Toes first, heels rarely (if even at all) touching the floor/ground etc. I've grown to hate wearing shoes as I feel it is more liberating to feel the surface of whatever I'm walking on barefoot, which is a nod to my belief in the benefit(s) of reflexology/shiatsu as I am after all a massage therapist by trade. When I walk in this manner, I pivot on my forward leading foot, toes first and resting mostly or completely on the 'ball' of my foot, turning about in any amount of degrees, I swing the following leg around and follow the same toes and ball step over step method. It crosses my mind often that I probably could and sometimes desire to get into some dance classes. All this floating on air puts me in a good mood.

And for those that would dare think this as soon as they read this; I am not gay and am happily married.

Walk Like a Ballerina: Your Neighbors Will Thank You
6/5/12 05:51 PM