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One way to deal with structural integrity is to make these into sliders rather than full-sized burgers. I also grate the beets--the long, thin strands that come from grating the food processor (small holes) work really well for binding.

Like others, I added prunes and smoked paprika for a deeper flavor.

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8/17/12 08:10 AM

Will there be an oven? If you can bring a small cooler from home, you could make puff pastry ahead of time (or buy it), freeze it, and then blind bake and fill it when you got there. You could make individual sweet or savory tarts, such as goat cheese and zucchini, sauteed mushrooms or macerated berry millefeuille. It ends up looking more impressive than the effort warrants ;)

Otherwise, why not research what will be in season in the area and put your effort into selecting the best, freshest items in a simple showcase? As Atthefarmersmarket said, lobster in New England; or have artichokes and/or avocados in California, etc. Local cheesemakers may have some fantastic regional specialties that you can't get anywhere else.

Be flexible. If you can't do gazpacho because there's no blender, try panzanella instead (basically all you need is a bowl and a knife).

Try some twists on simple classics. This summer, I had a fantastic riff on a caprese salad in which firm peaches were substituted for tomatoes, and mint for the basil.

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8/9/12 10:07 AM

The previous posters all have good suggestions; I would try them.

I haven't tried this (not a muffin man/woman), but perhaps resting the batter in the fridge for an hour or more would help. This method works with pancakes and madeleines; I think it gives the gluten time to relax, the starch to absorb more liquid and for the leavening to create more bubbles. Furthermore, chilling the batter will help create a greater "shock" when they go into the hot oven and leads to crispier edges.

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6/4/12 10:57 AM