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We did that for our wedding as our guest book. Here's a link (except we had a friend do it). Here's a link. My favorite part is the credits. My husband is a film producer and I work in TV, so it was fitting for us. The one above seems a bit more concert poster.

Check it out if you'd like here:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Guess The Film, Part 2: Hey, I Didn't Know You Acted
10/8/09 03:10 PM

Hint with the masking tape idea:

get regular shower and tub caulk and smooth it over the seams of the painter's tape with your finger before you paint. The paint will not leak under the tape and the caulk will insure you have a 100% sharp edge.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Top 10 Affordable Wall Treatments
1/29/09 02:15 PM

After owning a house in Phoenix for 7 years and receiving HUNDREDS of dollars in fines from my HOA for my grass not being green ENOUGH (Hello, we're in a desert. it's 120 degrees outside. it is a green-based brown), this would be exactly what I would have loved to have had!

the problem with the 'plant low water use plants and landscaping' argument is that, we do. My house had many cacti, palms, bougainvillea (which I hated)... all around, but to replace the front of my house with gravel would not have been native to the ecosystem either. Desert floor is not gravel. It is dirt and weeds and cacti. The synth lawn would at least keep the area cooler (synthetic grass is still going to be cooler than rocks when it's 115 out).

It's really hard to understand why and where something like this would be needed until you have lived in the middle of a desert.

(the question of whether or not people SHOULD be living in a desert area is a whole other topic).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass
1/22/09 02:48 PM

I have a paper tray on my desk with my computer monitor on top (since desks are never the right height for the monitors). I store envelopes and labels in one slot and my notebook in the other one. It seems to work for me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Paper Tray: Another Black Hole
11/12/08 08:55 AM

I usually go for a waffle iron and my great great great (I think) grandmother's recipe from the 1800s. I always write a little note about my family memories from childhood consist of eating waffles in Sundays (which is true). Maybe they have a waffle iron and maybe they return it, but the recipe and story is one of a kind, thoughtful and with the economic ups and downs I have faced in the past year or so, relatively inexpensive ($50-$75).

The one thing that I will say about not buying things from the registry is that many people really want the things they register for and may have different taste than we do. I can't tell you how many things I have not gotten because they were ugly but the bride thought they were beautiful. I would say unless the gift is unique and different, buy from the registry.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | In a Pinch: Anyone Have Any Wedding Gift Ideas?
11/10/08 12:36 PM

When I moved into my apartment, I didn't think twice about putting a rug over my carpet! I love the extra pop of color it gives to the otherwise dull beige carpet. Plus, (and I know this sounds strange) I walk around barefoot and I love the feel of the area rug on my feet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rugs on Carpet?
10/1/08 09:23 AM

My couch! it's so beautiful, but it gets wrinkles in certain places. I'd start with my couch and then I would buy curtains so I could steam them.

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9/12/08 09:13 AM

Lately, it's been Phoenix. Best part is, when you come back to LA you appreciate the weather a lot more -- even on the "hot" days.

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8/21/08 10:01 PM

If you saw me today at work, you'd know the answer -- not often enough!

On the plus side, I have an ironing board. However, I have learned that laying your wrinkled clothes on the board does not make them any less wrinkled.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Iron
7/31/08 11:14 AM

I was living in an apartment with tan carpet and taking care of my parents' dog, Harrison (a white and black Lhasa). I had just made a plate of very meaty and very sauce-y spaghetti and was carrying it over to the sofa to eat. As if in slow motion, the spaghetti slipped off the plate, covering Harrison, a footrest and the carpet in pasta and sauce. A can of spot shot, a well-placed rug, and an angry Lhasa (for a while PINK and black) later, "The Harrison Spaghetti Incident of '01" is something my family still teases me about.

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7/10/08 02:44 PM


I am very internet savy, and I almost fell prey to one of these schemes. "Goerge" was going to rent out his condo because his job had him traveling a lot. He explained that his craigslist post garnered a lot of attention and so I was the 32nd person in line for the apartment (which was AMAZING BTW), but that if I wanted to put down a fully refundable $700 deposit, I would have first dibs. I drove by the building. He emailed me a contract and everything.
Even towards the end, I was still unsure if it was a scam or if I was really going to miss out on a fabulous apartment in LA.
Turns out it was a total scam and someone posted weeks later that they were taken for $700 !

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Craigslist Rental Scam
6/13/08 12:17 PM