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I'm with digger.

Better Than Beige: 6 Nice & Neutral Wall Paint Colors
5/17/14 07:30 PM

Chair suggestions for a 5'3" woman welcomed. I use a wooden chair now (no armrests)-my body doesn't hurt too much but the set-up could be better. The world of chairs is vast and confusing.

The Easiest Way to Figure Out the Perfect Desk & Office Chair Height
5/15/14 11:36 PM

I can see that the before needed some TLC, but I loved the drawer pulls and details on the top drawers. The accessories in the after photo make this seem like a dresser, not a changing table as stated in the text. Am I missing something?

Before & After: A Painted Dresser Gets A Nursery-Worthy Upgrade Professional Project
4/4/14 10:21 AM

Where does one put towels and toiletries? Looks busy rather than relaxing (the essence of a bath!) and impractical to boot. Totally agree that the before was not great, though.

Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/6/14 03:40 PM

Love the look of the old crates, but it seems like it would be a pain to use them (?) i.e. put stuff in/get it out (especially the middle one). It is possible that this isn't an issue IRL (and its great to have a place to store extra diapers etc.) Nice makeover.

Before & After: From Boring Office Desk to Industrial Chic Changing Table
2/5/14 07:21 PM

Nice job. I like amisdottir's porcelain knobs idea (tho' I'd like them in white). Looks good as-is, though.

Before & After: Old Dresser Gets a New Chevron Pattern
1/17/14 07:18 PM

"What are your favorite natural children's products?" is the wrong question, as natural does not mean harmless *at all*. I agree that we want to use the safest possible products on our children.

In our house, less is more: castile soap and cetaphil lotion just about cover it for the kids. Sensitive skin means we avoid fragranced products. Vanicream sunscreen works well for us. Reviva Vitamin E stick for lips. Not sure how green these are, but they are relatively simple products that we like. I'm interested to see what works for others.

What Are Your Favorite Natural & Green Products for Kids?
1/10/14 04:26 PM

You have got to be kidding me. Burning wood--especially in a fireplace--produces huge amounts of particulate pollution. It is the least green way to stay warm.

Don't believe me? Ask the EPA, or WHO, or the ALA or physicians groups (or just Google "wood smoke" and "health effects"). This is not a matter of opinion; see, for example, this review: Still skeptical? Few people in the SF Bay area rely on wood heat, yet wood smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves accounts for over one-third of all wintertime particulate pollution. That's right: stop burning, and our wintertime air quality would be much better.

Because of the terrible pollution due to wood smoke, Montreal has voted to ban wood-burning stoves and fireplaces by 2020. Please, please do some research before you write a column, especially one in the "green living" section.

A Natural Way to Make Your Home Smell Fantastic this Winter
12/2/13 09:10 PM

Getting cleaned up and dressed is mandatory for me to feel professional and productive (wherever I work). The big difference: when I work from home, I wear comfortable clothes (fewer binding waistbands/belts etc.) and comfortable shoes. My in-office/meeting wardrobe is a little dressier and a little less comfy.

Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
11/15/13 11:49 AM

Super gross. In a good way.

Halloween Recipe: Frog Eggs & Eyeballs (Coconut Green Tea Chia Pudding) Recipes from The Kitchn
10/28/13 05:26 PM

Great b-and-a in every way (especially the Italy part!) The space is light, lovely, and livable. Your kitchen is the best small-space kitchen I've every seen. Congratulations on achieving your dream life!

Naomi's Single Family Home to a Duplex: Turning a Garage into an Apartment House Call
10/25/13 03:30 PM

Lorelski, it looks the same on the blog (that is, I don't think it is the photo).

I think it does look cramped (it is in a closet), but it is a good example of how to turn a tiny closet into a work space. Personally, I'd leave everything out that didn't absolutely positively have to be there (camera and plant) to either 1) create a less cluttered look and/or 2) give me some space for working documents etc. But there is room for the essentials (monitors, keyboard, mouse pad, cup) and this suits the owner.

Before & After: Karey Squeezes a Surprise Into This Small Space
10/15/13 11:30 AM

I have a jewelry armoire that I love (great for storing jewelry + lots of other little things) and hate (it is soooooo ugly-much worse than this before).

I wish I could just buy an attractive (affordable) one, but the ones on the market are mostly ugly. The after looks nice, so good for you.

Before & After: Wendy's Armoire Makeover
10/2/13 02:56 PM

Opening it up must make it much less claustrophobic than the 'before' version. Looks much cleaner and more modern now.

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Cramped to Contemporary
9/18/13 01:17 PM

A dimmer switch is key.

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Bedside Table Lamps
8/21/13 05:48 PM

My favorite candle-making project as a kid was sand candles made at Balboa beach. Dig a hole in the sand, tie a wick to a stick and lay it across the hole, then pour in melted wax. Allow wax to harden, then remove. Voila! A sand-covered 70s-inspired candle.

Make these Colorful Candles! Brit + Co.
8/20/13 06:20 PM

I *love* the shadows from the pendent lamp! So interesting! The de Young museum in San Francisco has some Ruth Asawa sculptures next to the elevator to the tower that have a similar effect (i.e. the shadows are important elements of the sculptures). I never would have thought of that if I saw the lamp in a package or in the daylight.

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Finishing Touches Renovation Diary

8/20/13 05:25 PM

So pretty: saturated color, but the wood shows through. It will be interesting to see whether it fades much over the course of a year, but might not be a big deal to re-appy if there's no coating.

Color Saturated: How To Make a Wood Stain from Regular Paint
8/20/13 05:20 PM

Gosh, so pretty, so inexpensive, such an impact. Great job.

Before & After: Amy's Stairway to Heaven
8/14/13 01:57 PM

I agree with jdoey that it should be OK to politely state that you like the 'before' better than the 'after'--I learn from those comments when the poster states the reasons behind their preference. I also think it is interesting to see how the winds of opinion blow!

Why have a comment section if the rule is that one can only post "Bravo!" "Great job!" etc. (though certainly those are nice to see). Rudeness is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. I don't think disagreeing is rude in and of itself.

p.s. I like the before, especially the hardware, but the blue is a pretty color and I can see that working better in a more modern room.

Before & After: A Dated Dresser Gets a Facelift
8/12/13 04:44 PM