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This lassi sounds so yummy, I'm gonna buy cardamom pods tomorrow to make it! It looks like it could be eaten with a spoon :)

This recipe is one more proof to me that Indian and Moroccan cuisines have a lot in common. In Morocco, a super popular drink is avocado blended with milk, sugar, and dried fruits (raisins, almonds, walnuts, dried figs...). And we often add half an avocado to other smoothies, just to thicken them.

Recipe: Creamy Avocado Lassi Drink Recipes from The Kitchn
4/22/14 02:47 PM

I agree with the fact that the tomatoes could prevent the beans from cooking, but what if you use fresh tomatoes? They have to be cooked too, right? I don't think you can just add them in the end. What do you think I should do?

How To Make a Very Good Chili Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/28/13 02:19 PM

Excellent recipe, so easy and so tasteful, thank you so much!!

How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/20/13 03:55 PM

A great thanks to TheKitchn and to all of you commenters, you've been REALLY helpful. I've been working at home for a few months, but tomorrow I'm starting a new job with strict hours. This is gonna change my cooking habits and I'll have to get used to freezing portions!

What Are Your Favorite Meals to Make Ahead and Freeze? Reader Intelligence Request
9/8/13 03:45 AM

Saw this recipe yesterday, made it right away, and served it as a first course with toasted bread. We LOVED it, and it's so ridiculously easy, I can't believe it... That's a keeper for sure, I will definitely make it again, a great way to impress guests :) Maybe with a crunchy salad next time?

End of Summer Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Topped with Goat Cheese and Tomato Recipes from The Kitchn
8/23/13 12:32 PM

Hi all,

I had a basket of blueberries as a gift a few weeks ago, these are pretty rare in my country so I was very happy and I froze them waiting to find an appropriate recipe to savour them. This cake did the trick.

It was A-MA-ZING, we ate it all in one day. The crust was lemony-crispy, the interior tender, melting, moist, not too sweet... and the cream, omg the cream... what a brilliant idea, combining lemon curd and heavy cream!!

Now I just can't wait to do it again... with another fruit! Since I can't have blueberries... maybe raspberries? Or peaches?

Thank you!!!

Recipe: Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cake with Lemon Cream Recipes from The Kitchn
6/18/13 02:46 PM

I had been wanting to try this recipe for ages, but never dared to buy fresh mussels, as the ones we have in my country are much, much more dirty than the US ones :)

Yesterday was the kick. I just moved in a city well known for its fishermen and the quality of its seafood. And the mussels were just there, in the supermarket, very fresh, very cheap, waiting for me to jump on them. And I sure did!

It took me more than an hour to clean 1kg of shells (a bit more than 2 pounds) but it was definitely worth it. Especially because the other steps are ridiculously easy and quick. The dish turned out Wonderful, my husband and I ate it all :)

When preparing the sauce, I tasted it and found it way too sweet for me. But that's just my taste, I know it's supposed to be this way. So I tried to cover the sweetness by adding a can of diced tomatoes, and it turned out to be a great surprise! I think next time I'll omit the sugar completely and stick with the tomatoes. At the end, the sauce was spicy, creamy and tangy at the same time, which my husband and I are fond of.

Also, if you have very dirty mussels, you might want to cook them in a separate skillet, with the broth and a bit of crushed garlic & ginger. I was lucky I did that (well, to be honest, my mother had warned me!) because when they were done cooking, the bottom of the skillet was very dirty (some sand, but mostly nasty black bits, I don't want to know!) and I had to take the mussels out, filter the broth, then I could put it all back to the coconut sauce.

I ended up having A LOT of sauce but I was so happy I did, cause I froze it, reserving it for later mussel-flavoured vegetables curry, with steamed rice, yummm!!

Well, that's my story...

THANK YOU for posting such wonderful recipes.

Recipe: Thai Red Curry MusselsRecipes from The Kitchn
5/11/13 07:58 AM

Scones don't exist in my country and I've never seen or tasted one. But this recipe, and, oh my god, these pictures, make me soooo want to try them!!

Can I ask why is it necessary to put them on the freezer before cooking? Just trying to understand here, cause I'm not used to this technique.

Party Recipe: Savory Scones with Goat Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipes from The Kitchn
4/15/13 03:38 PM

OMG! I'm Moroccan, and I have been surrounded by these tiles all my life, but never thought it would look good in a modern kitchen. It's just that they're always associated with traditionnal things, you know, so my mind just couldn't figure out another way of using them. I love these delightful combinations, especially n° 6 and 7.
I don't know how to purchase them abroad, but there are plenty in Morocco for sure... And oh, they're all called "zellij" or "zelliges" (french spelling).

Moroccan-Inspired Tiles in the Kitchen
8/21/12 02:15 PM

I'm surprised to see a Moroccan dish on thekitchn :) I'm Moroccan and I come here to get new ideas from all over the world.

I know an apricot & almonds tagine, which is a classic here, but without chickpeas. This must taste good too! Thanks for the tip.

But please, please, please, don't add couscous to a tagine and call this a classic... I bet couscous must be a good side dish, but traditionnally, in Morocco, tagines are always served with bread (and eaten with bare fingers :) ). Couscous is a different dish (actually two, ther's the one with a lot of vegetables, and the one with caramelized onions and raisins), and the grain alone is never used as a side dish for a meaty tagine. Just saying!

Moroccan Recipe: Chicken Tagine with Apricots, Almonds & Chickpeas Recipes from The Kitchn
8/21/12 02:07 PM

When I first saw this recipe, especially the layering thing, I thought "woaaah this is so weird! I have to try it!" I'm not used to american baking and was very suprised to read that it was a vintage recipe that grandmothers used to make. So I tried it. And even though I completely messed things up, it was absolutely fabulous!

This is how I messed it up: I made only half the portion given (cause there's just 2 of us in the house) and I couldn't decide which baking tin I should use, so I chose the smallest. I was completely wrong of course, but didn't realize it until I tried to pour water on top of the 2 other layers! I managed to pour the water in a glass, tried to take out the dried sugars, transferred the dough to another tin, and relayered everything. It was a bit messy and things got mixed up a bit in the process, but it turned out great.

I found it difficult to wait all 15 minutes to taste it, and I LOVED the chewy-gooey texture!! This is definitely a keeper, as you say :) I will make it again this week, this time layering it properly!! Thanks for sharing.

Vintage Recipe: Warm Fudgy Pudding Cake Recipes from The Kitchn
8/7/12 09:10 AM

I juste make these this morning, without nuts cause I didn't have any, but with 2tbsp sesame seeds and 1 tbsp date syrup that adds sweetness but also a wonderful smoky flavour. They turned out great! My boyfriend and I will have them for breakfast tomorrow, with my homemade yoghurts. We did find them chewy but we didn't bother. I'll try to toast the sesame seeds next time. And I think it would make a great snack for travels! Easy to pack, full of energy, ideal for any occasion. Thanks for this healthy recipe!

Healthy Snack Recipe: 4-Ingredient Banana Oat BarsRecipes from The Kitchn
7/13/12 10:25 AM

I made this yesterday and we all LOVED it! The taste and the looks are awesome! So good that I made another pitcher today with the fruit left, I just added a fresh sliced peach.

Unfortunately the only pomegranate juice I found was nectar, not real juice, I used it anyway but reduced the sugar a bit. And the carbonated water we have is salty, I tried mixing it to a cup of fake-sangria for tasting before adding it to the whole pitcher, and it wasn't good. So we drank it plain and it was just perfect.

As I'm writing this, I realize that I've always heard people complaining about the saltiness of our carbonated water for making sangria (regular one, with good red wine), they use instead a neutral soda such as Spr*te or 7*p. I'll try using one of those next time!

Drink Recipe: Non-Alcoholic SangriaRecipes from The Kitchn
7/12/12 12:05 PM

Amazing recipe!! I made it yesterday, served it with grean beans too, and it turned out wonderful. I doubled the quantity and froze what was left of the dinner (not so much actually...)

As for the "customisation", I just added bite-size cut potatoes (I was afraid they wouldn't be cooked enough but they were perfect), and 1/4 cup of great-for-cooking white wine 15 minutes before the end.

It was the first time I ever cooked meat in the oven, so now I understand how important it is to baste regularly. The thighs were tender, juicy, yummy! Oh and at the beginning, I tasted the liquid and found it way too tangy and lemony, I was afraid I hadn't followed the recipe correctly. But as the baking process went on, the chicken leaked out its juices, and the sauce, finally, was wonderful, at the end of the dinner we just ate it with bread :)

Next time I think I'll add shallots. Thank you again!

(PS: please excuse my english, it's not my native tongue!)

Recipe: Lemon Garlic Chicken
6/23/12 06:09 AM

I just made this sauce because some friends are coming for a bbq at home on saturday. It's ridiculously easy and soooooo good! I just added a Tbsp of Worcestershire cause I wanted it to be a bit more tangy, otherwise the proportions are perfect. Thank you for this recipe, I'll never buy industrial bbq sauces again!

Recipe: Sweet and Tangy Homemade BBQ Sauce
5/31/12 06:16 PM