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Sometimes it is hard to tell from pictures what's not to love, but maybe these cabinets are melamine and very cheaply made? I think there's a lot you can do with paint and trim, or even new doors. It's hard to tell what your style is. This kitchen is three times the size of mine, is not from 1950, and has a stainless fridge. I also am fond of that zen-green color, and not crazy about all of these trendy white-on-white kitchens. Of course, it's your kitchen, and you have to live there. For now, I'd just stick to painting the walls a color you love. I wouldn't change the lighting unless you are certain that you'll be keeping a similar layout for the new kitchen. I'd add a rug that you love for by the sink, accessories, and art that you know you'll keep even after the reno.

As far as long term, the current fridge is quite the trek away from everything else and there's no place to lay things out that you need. I would definitely put the fridge on the end of the wall that the sink is on like another poster suggested.

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7/17/12 09:49 AM

Before the BPA scare, my mom would take us weekly to get Gatorade as a special treat. We each had to pick a different flavor so we'd have different colored labels. We would daily wash and reuse the same bottle in the fridge with the lid on for our waters which was all we were allowed to have other than at meal times.
I had a friend growing up whose mom was really green. Her mom would bring their sweet tea and cool-aid in old syrup containers and dawn dish soap bottles to the pool.

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