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Mine's tomorrow, and I always ALWAYS make myself chocolate cake. These look like interesting alternatives.

The only problem is: how do I select just one?!

Sudden Cravings: 10 Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipes
8/21/12 05:39 PM

I love the idea of these hammocks. I've recently moved to a place with an actual (albiet small) yard, and setting up a sunny reading and napping corner is top priority. Hammocks just hit the top of my list.

@carlitadee: It's possible to vicariously do anything, if you're doing it in the spirit of someone else. In this case, she would be searching in the spirit of someone who'd be able to get, use, and enjoy the hammock.

5 Hammocks for Lazy Summer Days
5/31/12 11:32 AM