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My family is from the Keys and every year would send us a big box of those gigantic avos. We would slice them in half, put oil/vinegar/salt/pepper in the cavity, and go to town on them. Perfection.

Tips for Making Better Guacamole with Florida Avocados? Good Questions
7/31/13 09:35 AM

Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything" is a solidly worthwhile investment. It's not cheap, but it has every recipe you can imagine plus about a thousand variations on each (and yet somehow not overwhelming). It's not specifically healthy or cheap food, but it is so comprehensive you'll be able to find what you need.

Also, any of the Real Simple cookbooks are a great buy.

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy & Cheap Recipes? Good Questions
7/25/13 03:53 PM

Vitamin C! I eat a ton of clementines and other fruits that boost my C intake.

Energizing Lunches: What Are Your Tips for Making a Feel-Good Lunch?
3/12/13 10:22 AM

Walking with an iPhone dangling from your pants - visibly - seems like a really good way to get mugged.

For My Friend Who Is Always Losing His iPhone(s)
3/7/13 08:54 AM

If I could make a worthwhile imitation of Sweetgreen's "bondi beach" salad, I could stop spending $10 every time I crave it.

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/18/12 03:05 PM

Real Simple! Also, Foreign Policy.

Print Magazines We (Still) Love As Digital Magazines
6/1/12 12:13 PM

Cuisinart Smart Stick - got it as a Christmas gift, and it is good for everything!

What Multi-Tasking Tool or Gadget Is Essential In Your Small Kitchen? Reader Intelligence Request
5/30/12 10:16 AM