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Just because something can be done doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Soft Parcel Modular Furniture by TAF
8/24/09 05:23 PM

Starting a library to be starting a library?

How about starting a library because you read? If you do that, you don't need suggestions for books.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Starting A Home Library What Would You Suggest? Kansas City Star
1/22/09 01:00 PM

By the way (I can't seem to shut up about this great room), this color scheme begs for a theatrical retro look. Please see the movie Ghost World (it's not about ghosts) for some amazing casual decorating inspiration with these sorts of colors.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Would You Do With $120 In This Bedroom?
1/22/09 10:06 AM

Just read a comment above -- it is definitely possible to avoid a Christmas look, even if that floor is forest green (to me it looks teal).

Use some lighter tints of the blue-green color in the room, which would be a minty blue-green. Or just add additional shades of teals and blue-greens, it is done all the time. You could also throw in oranges or pinks that match the chest and desk. Definitely not Christmas.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Would You Do With $120 In This Bedroom?
1/22/09 09:49 AM

You already have gorgeous blue (or teal?) floors and a red desk, so those are your two colors. They are trendy and can definitely be worked with.

Use your money to buy things that coordinate with those two colors, to make it go the furthest.

A good way to do cheap art is to frame found objects, album covers, swatches of attractive fabric, wallpaper, etc. You can make a headboard by covering a scrap of wood with fabric.

Make your own curtains in a fabric that uses one or both colors.

Paint the end tables red.

Buy a rug that uses the colors.

Go to flea markets and antique stores and find some tiny, cheap, useful accessories to add character around the room, like wooden crates or colorful tin boxes to store things, needlepoint pillows, retro posters, etc. Look for quality materials.

This room has a great start already.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Would You Do With $120 In This Bedroom?
1/22/09 09:45 AM

Sexy, huh. What an interesting adjective to choose, since it looks like many of these headboards could shatter and kill anyone in the bed having vigorous sex.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | DIY Idea: Mirror Headboard
1/15/09 06:13 PM

Can we PLEASE be done with silk screened birds yet?

They were cute and all, at first, but sheesh.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's In, What's Out: Predictions for 2009 submit your own...
1/4/09 10:10 PM

Dear Apartment Therapy:

Please start putting links to where to buy featured items. Ostensibly you expect at least some of us to care about the item, as you bothered to post about it. So tell us where to get it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Frangipani Light Chain
12/29/08 11:16 AM

When I was a kid my parents used to tape them to the back of the front door.

In Martha Stewart Living this month, she covers clothes pins with festive paper. I did this and then glued the clothes pins to a couple of slats (roughly yardstick size - yardsticks would be cute too) and hung the whole thing up with ribbons. It looks lovely holding our Christmas cards.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Holiday Card Display Ideas?
12/10/08 03:15 PM

PS: I would never rent a storage unit. That's a waste of money, as no one is ever going to find or use what's in there. Don't encourage the problem by paying to lock it away.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Help! My Husband is a Packrat!
11/12/08 09:40 AM

People are addressing the clutter issue, but that's a different issue from the packrat issue. You can have a clutter problem without necessarily keeping tons of things. I'm going to assume packrat means packrat.

Here's what I do. You can't ask the person not to acquire/keep things, but you can ask them to organize them and put them out of site. Take all the doodads, throw them in a plastic bin, and say, "please go through this and find a place to put this stuff away." If it doesn't get put away, say you're tired of tripping over it and throw it out.

Repeat until stuff gets put away or you are asked for help with putting it away. If you want to help, designate a neat, put-away-in-the-closet bin for doodads and a different one for whatnots (and so on). Insist that newly acquired doodads get put in the doodad bin. If there are more doodads than the bin will handle, it's back in his court to buy a new bin or throw away some doodads.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Help! My Husband is a Packrat!
11/12/08 09:37 AM

Madampince, I made the same decision earlier this year, and I miss my mismatched dishes. I'm going back.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You Mix & Match Your Dishes?
11/10/08 06:23 AM

Ugly indeed, and definitely nowhere in the arena of things intended for "design longevity."

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best of Three: Black White Wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson
11/1/08 08:48 AM

I want a real artifact with photos in it, not a digital album that no one wants to flip through.

However, this issue has been a thorn in my side begging for a solution. Photo albums are getting more and more expensive, hold <100 photos each, don't usually adjust well to varied sizes of photos, and I have thousands of photos. How to get them organized without breaking the bank?

I found a large art book at the goodwill that had lots of glossy photos and little text, which I pasted photos over. It's neat, but there are drawbacks: It's trying to fall apart from the weight, for one, and the cost of glue sticks might not have been worth the savings. I'd love recommendations.

Going to check out what laurielu is talking about now...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Do You Still Use Photo Albums?
10/30/08 12:05 PM


Check out some of her decorating books if you want to make these windows dramatic and fabulous.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | At On: Floor to Ceiling WindowsTo Cover Or Not To Cover?
10/29/08 01:16 PM

Breezy, light, thin, tall, loose, dramatic curtains, kept pulled open to draw attention to those beautiful windows.

Sheer, brightly colored or gauzy white on big rings. No cotton. Nothing fussy. No tabs. You could, however, get away with a graphic damask or flimsy velvet, depending on your other decorating.

These windows would be a dream to treat.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | At On: Floor to Ceiling WindowsTo Cover Or Not To Cover?
10/29/08 12:58 PM

Agreed Kalakala. I was just about to say that spice racks are never designed for serious cooks. I have 200 spices, not 24.

Currently we have a whole piece of furniture with three deep wicker drawers holding spices. It works with the fact that some of our spices are in tiny bottles (because we rebuy fresh a lot) and some are in giant bottles (because we get them at International grocery stores and go through them quickly).

It could be prettier, but we'll tackle that problem in a kitchen remodel one of these years.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Storage: Spice Racks and Organizational Systems
10/28/08 11:50 AM

Does anyone know where the beautiful orange floral bedding comes from?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bedside Tablescapes
10/28/08 09:13 AM

Wish I could tell what they say -- maybe it's my monitor size or maybe it's my bad eyesight but I can barely read them.

As for "filler" posts -- this doesn't bother me. What bothers me are the many "best of" posts and the recaps which consist of posts we saw only days ago.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Borrow My Pen?
10/24/08 02:08 PM

Hey thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

Most items in my home are handmade by me (the curtains,the lamp, the monkey, the painting on the chest), handmade by my father-in-law (much of the furniture, like that fabulous CD cabinet), or found at thrift/antique stores (the afghan).

Incidentally, my house smells like nag champa -- I've never owned a moth ball. But if it's not your bag, baby, that's cool.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #19: Shae's Mix and Match
10/14/08 05:01 AM