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Love, love, LOVE this!!! This is for me what the contest is about, getting the maximum out of your small space, finding new solutions AND making sure everything to the smallest details fit together in your apartment (not just placing some thrift furniture or ikea closets here and there, like 90% of the contestants)

Love your sofa as well (got the same one, hehe ;-))

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 04:33 PM

Not sure if the World customs and culture app is that reliable. Being from Belgium myself, there are already a couple of mistakes in the example. (eg legal drinking age for beer is 16, it's only 18 when we talk about strong liquors like whiskey and so on. Doing drugs IS a criminal offence in Belgium, there is only a sort of 'live and let live' policy for doing soft drugs in your private home. But not in the neighbourhood of children and definitely NOT for hard drugs. There is a ban for smoking in not only restaurants, but also in bars, no matter if they serve food or not, ....)

So...no, doesn't really seem an app which you should trust when going abroad

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5/27/12 09:00 AM