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I've never seen the Mummy Chairs in an actual living space. Very nice.

Francis & Jane Adapt a Loft to a
Growing Family House Tour

9/27/12 02:56 AM

Lovely! And the poultry handler is a cutie too.

Jason and Michael's Contemporary
Farm House House Tour

9/27/12 02:49 AM


Before & After: Stripping Paint to Reveal a Walnut Dresser
8/24/12 02:48 AM

The roof rack idea is very useful, Thanks!

More Ways to Use Your (Swim) Noodle
8/23/12 11:40 PM

Learn to meditate and work on getting yourself in a position to enjoy your taste in your own space.

How Do I Forge a Style Compromise with My Mom? Good Questions
8/9/12 09:15 PM

I'd allow my 15 year old and older. I don't think parents realize many children need a great amount of reassurance when kids are unaccompanied on a plane because they are not there to witness it. Our kids don't necessarily want to readily admit to being scared or nervous and the Attendant will always report that all went fine. Besides, I don't want to risk some strange but seemingly nice person sitting next to my child, I don't want to put my child in a position to have to depend on the kindness of strangers and there are other ways my children can exercise their autonomy.

When Should a Child Travel Alone?
8/5/12 01:42 AM

I've seen people use tension rods across the top and bottom of each window. They've made curtains or panels in the fabric of their choice with material wide enough and light enough to control how much pleat and gather they wanted on the rods.

How To Handle Quirky Window (and Quirky Landlord)? Good Questions
7/27/12 04:03 PM

@ Nora. The dimensions of the mirror are 41x17 1/2. I'd make a template out of paper first and tape it on the wall where you would want it first just to make sure. Those mirrors are beautiful!.

New York's Trees:
Mirrors, Coat Rack & Coffee Table The Afternoon Scavenger

7/27/12 03:36 PM

Painted or stained, I swear I got flashbacks of watching a teacher grading a test on that pull out writing surface.

Before & After: Old-School Desk Gets a Makeover Storywood Designs
7/27/12 01:36 AM

Lesli, nice job for your daughter room and very nice colors for her room. The only opinions of importance are your daughter/s and her cat!

Before & After: Vintage Bed Makeover
Fit for a Teen
My Old Country House

7/27/12 01:27 AM

Hi Tolly, loved the house tour as the house looks comfortable and inviting. I feel the need to add that you looked fabulous in ALL those five out of forty-nine pictures referenced earlier!!

Tolly's Peaceful Home and
Adventurous Backyard House Tour

7/26/12 10:24 PM

Nice home, adorable kids!

The Binghams' Budget & Design Friendly
Family Home House Tour

7/26/12 09:58 PM

They look great but I'd be afraid the paint would start to chip off and ruin the shoulders of my clothes. Another option might be to dip wooden hangers in fabric dye to get a wash of color. Of course they'd have to be rinsed until the water ran clear and would have to dry really well.

Quick DIY: Colorful Hangers Design Love Fest
7/21/12 01:42 AM

Very nice and inviting! Beautiful Babies (both the human baby and the fur baby)!

Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad House Tour
7/2/12 12:18 AM

Cascade liquid cleaner and very hot, almost boiling water. Let it soak.

How Do I Get Stinky Coffee Smell Out of My Travel Mug?
Good Questions

6/25/12 02:13 PM

Lovely, especially the dog babies in the last pic!

Erin's Front Porch Restoration My Great Outdoors
6/23/12 05:54 AM

To each his/her own. With a family, I personally like dishwashers because of the time it saves. You just use, rinse and stack dishes in it until it's full or you run out of dishes and run it. But without kids, hand washing after every meal wasn't a big deal because cooking was not done as frequently, not as many dishes were used and time was not needed to manage homework, drop offs, runny noses, and get ready for work the next day, etc. So it really all depends on what your needs are. It's not like untreated stream water is used to handwash anyway...

Hand Washing Versus the Dishwasher Real Simple
6/23/12 05:47 AM

Love it! Looks like a home for a human and a Boxer and not a home for a camera crew.

Mark's "Retro Cabin Mod" in Eagle Rock House Tour
6/21/12 09:21 PM


Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 12:09 PM

Love it, but my budget and sensibilities would never allow spending money on a quirky couch.

Oh Dear! Before & After of An Unexpected Upholstery Project Design*Sponge
6/17/12 02:26 PM