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You don't need to paint the cupboards, they look so great as they are.

If you want to modernise do the following:

1) Frost the Glass

2) Change the door knobs to modern ones

3) Get Stainless Steel or whitish composite stone benchtops (the ones with sparkly quartz in them)

4) Replace the backsplash with glass with a metallic sheen.

5) Add some downlights or spotlights that will make the backsplash and benchtop sparkle!

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10/5/09 09:22 PM


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7/7/09 03:05 AM

My first thought was something like this blue:

But after photoshopping it, I quite like the green colour in the middle of this pic:

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7/1/09 09:48 PM

fantastic, love the accent colours

the whole place looks to clean but homely

I think it could be fantastic in a kids room

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6/10/09 10:49 PM

You can use this technique to recycle old tyres. Basically instead of making the wooden frame, just use an old tyre on the ground, and as the potatoes grow, add another tyre on top.

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4/13/09 11:27 PM

-TV on the 8foot wall

-An organic shaped sofa facing it:

-bookshelves to the left of the door

-desk up against the top window

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11/19/08 02:50 AM

very SLOW...

I find the navigation method very frustrating, and the small thumbnails too small. I prefer slideshows like SimpleImageGallery that are fast and easy to navigate.

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7/17/08 10:20 PM

The Up5 chair - in stripes. Just like sitting on grandmas lap while she does her knitting :)

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7/3/08 07:12 PM

I tried this with my tonkinese kitten from when we brought her home at 3 months. She stopped using it when the hold became too large - and started going in the washing pile or on my sons bed when it wasn't made. She just didn't feel secure up there. When we went back to a smaller hole (we bought 2 sets) she started using it again but since we have only one toilet and 3 young children, they would make too much mess taking the seat on and off.

We are now having a break, but will try again when we move into our new house where there will be an extra toilet that she can use.

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7/2/08 06:40 PM

I like cookware junkie's solution - but it does make the bedroom quite small. Perhaps you could install the kitchen along the eastern-most wall of the living room... in a way that it just takes up one wall, and so that it can be closed up to look like cupboards. If you put your dining table on that side then you can then use it for extra benchspace. see the dada tivali kitchen

It would also be good if you could knock down the closet and wall to the foyer so that your lounge area becomes a larger space. You can then relocate the closet to where the kitchen was, and possibly add a bathroom door so it opens to the new hallway.

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6/26/08 07:59 PM

Dark burgundy to match the tiles - that would make it look sophisticated and crisp against the white elements. And I would also replace the window curtain. If you think burgundy is too dark then I would match the yellow tile. I think it's better to not introduce any more colours into the bathroom, as it's a small room and too many colours will look cluttered.
I suggest playing around with photoshop for the colours:
see here

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6/24/08 05:45 PM

We were considering this product for our children (now aged 4, 6,7) but given the low quality and resolution we decided to go for a $99 Samsung 6 Megapixel camera. It's fantastic because it takes great photos and takes videos as well. My kids have now started writing their own blogs: ( and ) where they use the camera to take photos of their work and videos to share with family and friends.

The creativity that comes with giving children a camera at a young age is amazing - some of the things they think of astound you! Plus it gives you a bit on insight into the world from the eyes of a child.

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6/12/08 06:10 PM