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I agree. I'd rather have a full-fat, full-sodium, full-flavor cheese every once in a while that I enjoy and that's a satisfying experience, than something that tastes like an eraser. For me personally, it's important to be mindful about fat, calorie and sodium intake, but eating is also an experience not just a necessity.

Why Low-Fat Cheese Tastes Like An Eraser The New York Times
8/9/12 11:37 AM

Not sure whether this is a European/German thing, but sometimes bakeries also let you purchase half a loaf. This way you get still a nice, artisanal bread without the pressure of having to finish it all by yourself or having too much in the freezer.

How to Cope with a Big Loaf of Bread When Dining Alone Cooking for One
5/23/12 10:21 AM