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Jannann's got it. Siri was a huge development for people with visual impairments and limitations in manual dexterity. Game changer.

The Fizzled Five: Overhyped Technology
9/11/12 06:22 PM

If someone has enough expendable food to even consider using it for decor (e.g., a radish wreath), I would hope that they would consider giving it to someone in need rather than hanging it on a country fence.

Inspired By: The Farmers Market
6/15/12 10:25 AM

These two people love each other and they are having a bloody good time. Does it really matter if no one else "gets it"? No.

When Two Geeks Fall In Love:
A Minecraft Wedding

6/5/12 01:56 PM

Those last paintings are definitely hers. Her visual arts endeavors have been well documented in books and in her album liners.

The Awesome Stevie Nicks: Muse and Artist
6/1/12 03:20 PM

How about a museum street banner?

Ideas for Giant Wall in New Loft? Good Questions
5/22/12 07:16 PM