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Oh, to live on Bainbridge Island! what a lovely place! By the way, where can one find that duvet cover and pillow shams? And are there other colours besides the brown?

Orrin & Thacher's Modern Rustic Bedroom Kids Room Tour
7/24/14 12:56 PM

Gothamist just carried an article stating that a recent survey declared NYC to be the "unhappiest" city in America"....I guess if one lived in Tribeca with 2000 square feet to claim as one's own, "unhappy" would be a poor word choice, yes?

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/24/14 12:53 PM

I love this apartment, but, yes...FINALLY--a mixed couple! AT, you're beginning to grow up! Hurrah!

Magali & Bart's Soulful Belgium Retreat An Apartment Therapy + Aphrochic Remix House Tour
7/24/14 12:47 PM

Bones! Bones! Bones! this is the one thing I miss about life on the West Coast---nothing is very old here....Sigh!Beautiful home!

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/21/14 01:50 PM

The Welsh Terriers are crazy cute! There is something relentlessly "English" about the way this place has been imagined and I love it! While it may be fussy to some, I find it to be highly personal and interesting. I love places that you talk and talk about for weeks afterwards. Nicely done!

Abigail Ahern's Dark and Dramatic East London Home House Tour
7/21/14 01:44 PM

I notice a lot of comments are about the quality of the light in most of the photos. Yes, folks, this is life in the PNW 2/3 of the year. Sometimes, it can be very serene...
Nice apartment, lady! By Seattle standards, it's quite large. I think I may have to give the Eastside another look.

Paul & Katie's Vintage Modern Bellevue Loft House Tour
7/21/14 01:35 PM

Green. Deep, solid emerald green with envy. Super gorgeous space! Beautiful!

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/16/14 07:45 PM


Nicely monastic. This would be a fun place to create music or just hang out and simply be....Well done!

Peggy & Chris' Los Angeles Modern House Tour
6/18/14 06:45 PM

Is it possible that the dog only goes onto the balcony when the mistress is at home and can monitor balcony time? This is the arrangement I have with my Labradoodle (he is intelligent, but I don't push my luck in this area) and it works very well...
Very charming apartment, love the little dining room area, the bedroom nook, well, everything, basically! Well done!

Marie's Tiny Parisian Balcony Small Cool Contest
6/12/14 12:36 PM

I love lots of plants (don't quite understand people who don't , my thing, sorry!) so this was a wonderful place to look at. It is probably quite pleasant to visit you. May I come over and have tea served from that wonderful teapot? Nicely done!

Katherine's Tropical Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 09:02 PM

All of that in 224 square feet? This should have been titled, "Tesha's New York Miracle"! Beautiful layout, nicely balanced! I think I envy you, my dear!

Tesha's Charming Character Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 04:02 PM

Holy Imelda Marcos, Batman!! That's a lot of shoes, lady! Thank you, AT, for featuring another house of whimsy and imagination. A great house tour! The "Gypsy Palace" sign in the bathroom is wonderful and pretty much sums up your ethos, Liz. In the final analysis--it's your house and you do with it what you want! And if you can't have fun in your own space, where will you? Everyone should have a life-sized cow on their lawn! Love it, lady!

Liz's Exuberant Row House House Tour
6/10/14 01:24 PM

That mirror makes the space. And I like the fact that your bedroom is just that--a bedroom. Your flat looks WAY larger than 384 square feet. Nicely done!

Emily's South-Facing Space Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 01:04 PM

Lovely office, very sensual, yet practical for its intended use...I would enjoy working in such a space and would be most reluctant to leave...unless Kate Strickland also designed my home! I also like the rest of the projects showcased at the West Haddon Hall website. Nicely done!

Bitium's Soft Industrial Office Workspace Tour
6/10/14 12:27 AM

What a wildly imaginative place! I love your whimsy and sense of style! Great job!

Gorana's Black & White Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 05:54 PM

I am not normally a fan of pastels but this is quite refreshing. And that light--! Wow!

Francie's Morning Magic Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:51 PM

Love the commentary! Is your cat a Russian Blue?

Michael's Portland Pad Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:47 PM

The apartment is very charming and the bathroom ROCKS!!

Laura's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:42 PM


Vina's Minimal Impact on the Earth Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:40 PM

I think the closet is very original...I understand the concerns about cooking smells getting into the fabric and light damaging the clothing but, it is a very interesting idea and, aren't things you can put on the window to cut down glare without sacrificing light? I mean, we DO live in the 21st century, surely something has been designed by this time!

Justyn & Kate's Brick Mid-Century Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 03:49 PM