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My husband and I switch off weeks for cooking dinner and whoever cooks also cleans. That way, the cook is motivated to clean as he/she goes, and one person gets a whole week off from cooking and doing dishes. We find this keeps cooking fun and not a chore. It's great! And if the mess is truly epic, we will both clean up.

Who Does the Dishes in Your Home?
1/27/14 11:02 AM

What a nice room! I live in Cleveland Heights too and I am inspired. I really like your window shades. What is the mechanism that holds the shade open in the fourth picture?

A 'Cleveland Rocks' Nursery My Room
10/2/13 05:38 PM

I agree with Canadianmango -- the television above the fireplace will be too high to view comfortably. I would try mounting the TV on the wall just behind where it is now, then put the 2nd couch where the armchairs are now, and the armchairs under the TV. Also, I think it could be cozier to pull all of the furniture in a bit closer together, but that is just my opinion.

Ideas for Arranging Two Sofas? Good Questions
5/18/12 09:56 AM