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If you like DIY and to subtly change the look of your room you could use the alcoves to host different 'art'.
Simple idea, get some pallets/crate/old fence.
Cut the wood to the width of the alcove, attach to 2 vertical pieces of wood the height of the alcove, (think of it like a vertical white picket fence, but without any gaps).

Then sand and paint the wood any colours you wish i.e. rainbow colours.
Adds some colour juxtaposition against the white walls.

Finally slot into the space, either lean up against the bricks or a couple of hidden hooks to hold in place.

If you get board, repaint, or recycle.
As it's wood you can easily pin things to it, pictures, driftwood etc.

Ideas for Exposed Brick Recesses? Good Questions
8/30/13 11:45 AM

As someone with a log burner, fire pit and likes to camp with fires, I'm always on the look out for wood. If you have lots of wood, it might be possible to get someone pick it up for free.
Old joists cut up are good to burn and lathe is great kindling.

Faith & Mike's Master Bathroom: Demolition! (And the Things We Found) Renovation Diary
6/14/13 10:31 AM

Same here, that's what I thought when halfway down the list.

What Kind of Pinner Are You? 6 Types of Pinterest Users
4/23/13 02:33 PM

2 silly questions, but..
1) How do you know if you are too dry?
2) Could you experiment with a ceramic cup of water (small amount), before buying one?

Old School Tech: Radiator Humidifiers
11/29/12 08:29 AM

Do you have any details on the kick plate / toe plate drawer?
I'm trying to get them in my new kitchen, however the legs on the cabinet are proving a pain (too close together).
How did you do yours, are they part of the kitchen, bought or built yourself?

Maureen's Maximized & Upgraded Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/23/12 11:15 AM

These bell tents have been selling in the Netherlands for a while and become popular in the Uk over the last few years.
I bought one a couple of years ago and have change my camping.
No more waking up in a tiny tent, bowing under the wind and rain, wishing you were at home.
People fit all sorts of things in them, even wood stoves.
These tents make camp so much fun and this is coming from someone who loves to go Biving, wild camping and backpacking.

I got mine for less than £300 (which I thought was a lot for a tent)
I'd suggest buy one and do it yourself, I'm sure for $2000 they would ship 3 from the Uk (if you can't buy them), then you can make your own adventures.

A Luxury Camping Experience Shelter Co.
7/3/12 06:14 PM

Damn my link was

But some how hijacked back to this article, strange...

The World's Ugliest Condo: The Big Reveal Renovation Before & After
5/18/12 05:38 AM

Definite improvement
The 80's/earlu 90's style cooked and Microwave

I've never seen on of these over the cook hood/microwave in the UK. Interesting idea though probably not my thing.
Always nice to see how other people do kitchens, as every has different styles, tastes etc. and my kitchen renovation probably won't be to other people's tastes.

The World's Ugliest Condo: The Big Reveal Renovation Before & After
5/18/12 05:36 AM