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You left out possibly the best podcast app, available for both iOS and Android: PocketCasts

Apps to Deliver Podcasts Straight to Your Smartphone Weekly Smartphone Apps
11/7/12 07:17 PM

Is it really so hard to spend $30 at an Apple Store (or less at a third party repairer) and get it fixed?

I can't believe anyone who owns an iPhone is that cash strapped that they can't afford to get the back replaced.

Making the Best of a Broken iPhone Reddit
10/23/12 10:31 AM

So where does the battery, memory, processor etc go?

The iPhone 5 We Wish Was Coming Later This Year
6/16/12 10:18 PM

This post makes no sense. In particular, this line: "To make matters worse, phone syncing was updating with incorrect information, affecting my permanent SIM card at home (via cloud syncing)."

Yes, SIM cards can store contacts. SIM cards themselves can't sync those contacts via the cloud.

Also all modern smartphones OSs store the contacts in the phones memory by default, not on the SIM card. And these are the contacts that are sync'd via the cloud. I'm also pretty sure that you can do a one way import of contacts from a SIM card in Windows Phone, but you can't use the SIM card for day to day contact storage.

I've switched to temporary SIMs while traveling for years and it's never affected the contact list because I haven't used the SIM to store contacts since I got a crappy Nokia with built in memory.

After rereading the post, I'm starting to wonder if by SIM you actually mean PHONE. you say SIM implying that you used the same phone with a temporary SIM in it, then you talk about the international prefix feature and how it's a mess when you use a device that doesn't support it. So....which is it?

If the point of this post was to impart some best practices for managing a contact list, you've muddied that by misunderstanding and/or not communicating how syncing actually works...which would've been far more useful in helping people understand how their contact list went bad in the first place, and how to avoid it in the future.

The Problem With Contacts Lists, Your Phone, and The Cloud
5/17/12 05:51 PM