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Ok, so after leaving that bitchy post earlier today, I did some digging and found out that Eterne is still in business in Oregon and has a website. I kid you not, I am not affiliated with them, but I think their colors and before/afters are the best ever. Check them out!

Before & After: Painting a San Francisco Victorian
5/17/12 07:39 PM

I good paint job on a detached Victorian in San Francisco can cost over $100,000. Really. I have restored many a Victorian, and I will name some names here: I have to say, Bob Buckter's dated color choices are so "off", and so 1980s. I do not like them at all. The before shot, the greens are off and very 80s. And the after shot, the colors are way off 90s, and look like a cheap business suit. There was a guy named Michael who ran a painting company in the 80s and 90s who brought earthly delightful colors to San Francisco. His paint colors can be seen at 21st and Guerrero, and all over Alamo Square and the Western Addition. Now, that guy knew his colors. But if I never again see another pinky rosy gray or bad green Bob Buckter job, it will be too soon. And no, I have never hired either of these guys. I do my own colors. I'm just sayin' it's funny that finally, here on Apartment Therapy, I am seeing comments by so many people that are, well, "meh". Having said all that, the painting contractor who did this building did a pretty good job.

Before & After: Painting a San Francisco Victorian
5/17/12 03:15 PM