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I forgot to add in my previous comment, once your contacts are saved in Gmail contacts, it's easy to sync them to any phone you're using, regardless if you have your SIM card or not.

The Problem With Contacts Lists, Your Phone, and The Cloud
5/17/12 12:12 PM

I keep my contacts tidy and up to date with two tools, Gmail and Rainmaker. The great thing about SIM cards is that once you pop it into a phone, your contacts are there, the bad thing is when you don't have your phone handy, but need to make a call. All of my contacts are saved in Google Contacts, and I've setup my Android phone to save all new entries there (versus the SIM card) as well. It's much easier to manage contacts on the browser in Gmail than it is on your phone. Gmail also has a 'find and merge duplicates' feature that prevents you from having five entries for John Doe, with five different numbers.

The second application I use is Rainmaker makes your contacts list even more awesome, by the day. Once you allowed Rainmaker access to your Gmail contacts list it (daily) scours the web looking for additional contact info for anyone in your list. Say, for instance, you have John Doe's name and email address in your phone, but you don't have his twitter @username. Rainmaker will match the email you have for him to his twitter name, and then sync it to your Gmail contacts. Sometimes I'll look in my contacts list and be amazed that it's found so much information on my contacts, that I didn't even know. Rainmaker is free for daily updates, and has a monthly cost if you want the updates done multiple times during the day.

The Problem With Contacts Lists, Your Phone, and The Cloud
5/17/12 12:10 PM