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I so enjoyed the story and the photos. I particularly liked the shots of the cake plates - so real and so different from magazine shots where nothing ever looks out of place. What a wonderful time the children must have had.

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 9pm-12am, Dessert
7/13/14 02:15 AM

I'd kill for those floors. Love the dining room chairs and could sit down at the little kitchen table with a coffee and stare out the window. Very inviting place.

Laurence & Fabrice's Friendly Eclectic Mix House Tour
6/19/14 04:25 AM

I love the pieces of inherited furniture and also the wooden floors and the colours. If it were my home I'd just add a rug to sit under the gorgeous dining room table and another rug to visually warm up the sitting room. Otherwise, perfection as far as I am concerned.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/19/14 04:15 AM

Clean, calm, spacious. This gets my vote.

Alberto's Landmark Style Small Cool Contest
6/18/14 05:50 AM

Well done - clean looking, light, cozy, stylish. The only think I'd do differently would be clearing a bit of space on the coffee table so that I could have a bit more room to put down my cup of coffee and a plate with something yummy so that I can admire the room in comfort.

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/2/14 06:08 PM

I must agree with starsoftrackandfield.

Mememolly & Mike's Flea Market-Style Funhouse in Brooklyn House Tour
1/4/14 02:36 AM

This is one stylish home and it looks like a 'real' home to me where you can flop down comfortably and put down a newspaper or coffee mug without fearing that you are destroying a certain look where, if something were disturbed, the look would suffer. It's stylish and warm and to me it does not look like a place that has been done on a budget. I love the colours and the whimsey. Just beautiful and inviting.

Sarah & Brian's Salvaged Stories House Tour
4/3/13 06:07 PM

I lived and worked in a large city for the last 30 years and retired with my husband to a small resort town by a lake and with four skifields close by. Although the population is just 7,000 permanent residents, we have a great variety of restaurants, a good supermarket, a couple of delis and also good clothing stores. The locals do not want to have fast food places or chain stores. Life is more expensive as the nearest city is 3 1/2 hours away.We do enjoy the international flavour the tourists bring. It is not uncommon to see a couple of cars stopping in the main street with the drivers chatting through the wound down windows. It's still a novely for us and after a hectic working life we are now in the slow lane and enjoying it. I can see the drawback though for the young ones. The jobs in tourism are not that well paid and the jobs in the professional offices generally go by word of mouth. We enjoy seeing the children being able to bike and hike without mum and dad having to take them everywhere. It guess it's probably right for us at our stage in life. I don't miss the shopping - been there, done that! Life in the slow lane is just fabulous

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/4/12 02:41 AM

Different strokes for different people. I change my rather heavy duvet cover about every three months and change the bottom and top sheets and pillow cases weekly or more often if needed. In summer I use a light weight duvet inner and follow the same routine, for winter it's a goose down inner. Bar soap for me, too but not in the shower. There are some really skin friendly albeit pricey bar soaps around. For use in the shower I buy an Australian product called Natural Instinct with absolutely nothing nasty in it. I get a huge refill bottle and decant into a smaller one. Works for my household.

Small Changes, Serious Impact
6/28/12 07:30 PM

Just in case someone is picky - too high

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 03:23 AM

I have not cringed or grinned so much in a long time. For what it's worth, here is my list:
too many pillows on beds.
picture frames on walls without any pictures in them.
art hanging to high.
word art .
a look that's straight out of a catalogue.
overdesigned rooms.
everything matching.
mats around toilets

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 03:22 AM

I like a pop of colour but most of these kitchens have too much. There are too many clashes and it would give me a headache clapping my eyes on these first thing in the morning. Everything looks so disjointed and thrown together. Just not restful enough for me. Shudder!

Color Crazy: Ten Vibrant Kitchens to Shake Up Your Style
5/16/12 09:49 PM