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i have a set of these cups and i use them for many things other than baking cupcakes, i cook on pressure cooker and top of the steamer i keep chicken, potato in these cups and steam. even caramel puddings, little deserts, boil eggs in shapes, jam tarts i do lot!! easy to clean and very handy! never want to get ride of them, hoping to have different shapes so kid can enjoy!

Silicups from Williams-Sonoma
4/3/13 07:58 PM

My one, a girl, will be 5 years by this June can whisk eggs for omelet and even cut beans with a bunt knife, can butter her bread, open refrigerator and keep things inside, get from there and she helps me a lot!

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3/20/13 08:15 PM

used tea bags can keep on your eyes, it makes your eyes cool. just like keeping cucumber.

Ideas for Using Tea That's Too Old to Drink? Good Questions
2/4/13 09:18 AM

Its a bit messy work when it served on a plate when sticks are cut and cook directly, so what i do is peel off the flesh and stair fry them with garlic and onions with bit of sugar and curry powder. optional you can add a egg at last or may be creamy coconut milk. yummy!!!

Drumstick Malunggay Ingredient Spotlight
8/24/12 08:13 AM

cleaning key board, specially on lap tops,any idea ?

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/28/12 01:40 AM

love this! sprinkle on top of pudding or even ice cream would be nice. My kid doesn't like ginger cookies and sometimes i crack remaining cookies when am doing bread pudding nice kick and can replace with this. thank you for the post!

D.I.Y. Recipe: Crystallized Ginger
6/14/12 12:48 AM

Normally fried rice served with fried chicken and chilly past here in Sri Lanka in restaurants, but at home i do my version with may be chicken or sausages with egg and veggies. to add flavor i use soya source and its one pot meal and instant. i think these food originally form Chinese and they might do it in a different way. bottom line this is an easy, instant, whole meal for every one!!

How to Make Fried Rice Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/31/12 01:45 AM

this is useful and garlic one is really useful. can we apply this with cabbage? anyone done this before?

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5/30/12 09:32 AM

I use my pressure cooker for daily use. i cook rice and mean time i can steam meat, fish, hard biol eggs, chick peas and veggies too. it save gas and with in 15- 20 mins like u can have a complete meal. and if you don't have a rice cooker this is the best way to get rice cooked without hassle!!

Do You Use a Pressure Cooker? If So, What Do You Like to Cook in It?
5/16/12 09:29 PM