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Who needs comfort when it looks that good! ;-)

Sources for Wassily (& Wassily-Style) Chairs
10/4/12 04:09 PM

It's almost as if the chair defines the designer. It seems like the chair is what many great designers are remembered for and becomes a staple of their legacy. These chairs will definitely remain a hallmark of design.

Classic Brands:
The Republic of Fritz Hansen

10/4/12 04:06 PM

Totally awesome. Wouldnt purchase at that price but there are lots of people who would. Needs to incorporate a LCD TV and it would totally be like my grandma's console. Just cooler and no ash trays built in.

Jeremy Pickett - Booth #29 Design Showcase 2012
10/3/12 12:27 PM

Ditto on the print from the first and second pics. I love them. Was thinking of doing something similar myself. Will have to rethink it now. :-(

Modern Classics: The Noguchi Coffee Table
10/3/12 11:23 AM

This chair is spectacular. The lines are just beautiful. It looks like a classic that's been around for 60 years yet is so modern.

Very nice.

Trevor Timson - Booth #21 Design Showcase 2012
10/3/12 11:20 AM