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I love that this place has a style of it's own, and is not just a reflection of the latest trends.

RJ's Plaid Pad Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 11:02 AM

Love the colors! Love the tour, love the house. As a previous poster said, it is not my style, but it is un-arguably stylish. I agree, I'd love to see more interesting tours. Although my tastes run to more clean lines, and fewer embellishments, I revel in bright bold colors.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/4/14 01:59 PM

I just wanted to update ricegirl's information: While no human cases acquired in the North America have been reported, bugs carrying the disease and capable of transmission are present in Texas. Dogs and non-human primates living in the state have contracted and died of Chagas disease (which causes heart failure). Texas A&M has ongoing research into the prevalence and transmission in the state. I'd be more worried about exposure to pets living outdoors than most people with relativly clean homes, though.
Source: veterinary pathologist working in Texas.

The Assassin Bug: Facts, Dangers & Prevention
5/11/14 09:57 PM