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Everyone who uses their dishwasher for storage/not using it, you can just pass it along to me. Washing the dishes is fine, but it's a matter of priorities and I would rather be doing 1,000 other things than washing dishes, like going for a hike, reading a book, working out, or really just sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. Same with laundry. After I whip up a delicious pie or dinner after working all day or week, I just don't feel like being domestic. As for sponges vs dish rags, for some reason the dish rags I've encountered are way nastier than my sponges. I am pretty stringent on keeping counter wiping and dishwashing sponges separate, don't let them get soggy in the bottom of the sink, and microwave them for a minute every once in awhile (wrapped in a paper towel so they don't smell). It's just personal preference, folks.

Our Best Tips for Life Without a Dishwasher
7/21/14 07:34 PM

I can't stand visual clutter and prefer the pots/pans away in a cupboard, even if I have to sacrifice space for other things, even though I do have a tiny kitchen as well. Clear counters and walls are so nice!

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10/1/13 03:24 PM

We just cleaned out my grandparents' cupboards, where most of the food hasn't been touched for 3+ years since my grandma had a stroke. She had tons of beans and lentils, which I took just in case. Some of the beans did smell musty and I threw those away. Others I felt weird about, wondering if they would soften, so I ended up using them as pie weights. I'll have to report back on the other ones if I end up trying to cook them.

I think boiling lentils that could be moldy would kill the mold... but then again, my nose is hyper sensitive to anything musty or smelling like mildew so I probably just wouldn't use them and save myself the grief. They are cheap enough... sad to waste food but, eh.

Are Old Lentils and Split Peas Safe to Eat? Good Questions
1/28/13 06:27 PM

I have a really cute one that I love to wear! And it does save my clothes. I hate getting stains even on junky or old clothes.

For the neck issue, get a lightweight apron and tie it just a little tighter around your waist, and then tie it really loose around the neck while you bend your head back. I have the same issue and that does the trick.

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1/22/13 07:50 PM

Just enjoy the cuteness.

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11/27/12 02:24 PM

There's probably not a link to the recipe, but in Julia Child's The Way to Cook, she makes a pumpkin pie with eggs, cream and bourbon that is almost like a souffle. It was divine last year when I made it for Thanksgiving. Highly recommend you to go check it out. And you will laugh at the 90's plating and photos. :)

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11/19/12 06:29 PM

If you really want garlic, try this soup</a href>. You will smell like garlic for a week afterwards.

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10/29/12 03:52 PM

I always bake frozen berries in pies. Sometimes I've even combined frozen berries with fresh fruit and that works fine too. Sometimes it's even better because the berries don't overcook/break down as much if the fruit needs a little longer to cook (like if you combine apples and blackberries, an awesome pair!).

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10/1/12 07:35 PM

David Lebovitz's eggplant jam came when I needed to use up some eggplants, and it is delicious! I am going to have it just as-is for dinner tonight paired with some cheese and pita, I think.

Spinach Basil Smoked Salmon Roll & Thai Basil Watermelon Margaritas Delicious Links
8/21/12 07:10 PM

It's called nsima in Zambia and nshima in Malawi, and basically the same. My husband loooves it. I like it ok. :) The very thick cream of wheat analogy is fitting! Thanks for doing this series and for keeping a balanced perspective on the region's benefits and challenges as you write.

Word of Mouth: Ugali
8/21/12 07:07 PM

Before we got married my husband collected all different types of glasses, so all my extra storage is taken up with those (that we never use). Otherwise these are great ideas. I do keep all, except one, of my cookbooks in cupboards in the dining room and it saves a lot of space. Mostly I just try to minimize on *stuff*!

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8/21/12 06:57 PM

They're also trying to supplement lower-nutrient corn with soy beans, for better nutrition and better chances for selling surpluses, and to enrich the soil after years of stripping nutrients from growing corn. But things do catch on slowly, indeed.

Go Orange: How the Sweet Potato Is Saving Lives in Africa Food News
8/21/12 06:50 PM

I was afraid of knives growing up, because my mom would only have them sharpened when my grandpa came to visit every five years or so! My knives are much much sharper and it gives me a lot more confidence. The tomato and onion tests are good for me too. Now if I'm confronted with a dull knife I am almost incapacitated because I can't stand it. In a pinch with a really dull knife: hone it on the bottom of a ceramic mug or bowl and it will be sort of usable. :)

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8/2/12 06:54 PM

Tip for the best cherries: go to Washington and buy them from a road-side stand. And eat them all that day. The ones I get in CA are nowhere near the delicious morsels I remember from growing up. They test for sweetness? Doesn't seem like it - I have gotten so many tasteless, sour cherries I have almost given up. But every once in awhile I try again and sometimes have success. Enough to keep me hoping and dreaming of the next beautiful cherries.

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8/1/12 02:18 PM

I have been using muffin tins to freeze other things into single portions. This is genius. Great idea - I hate having to drag out the blender and ingredients so I rarely drink smoothies.

Time-Saving Tip: Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Muffin Tins
8/1/12 02:06 PM

I had the same thought as vintagejenta - have more indulgent foods during the day for metabolism purposes. But then, I find it's easier to have a lighter breakfast and lunch vs. dinner. I just enjoy richer dinner foods, even if I eat less to compensate. Seems like Bittman is on to something and his method makes it easy to stick to a certain type of eating. You could do the same thing by saying "only vegan breakfast and dinner" or whatever iteration you want.

Mark Bittman Turning His "Vegan Before 6" Philosophy Into a Book Food News
7/11/12 05:31 PM

Hard boiled eggs and an avocado are good snacks too, and can double as sustenance for the puppies if you take them along. Just pack in a sandwich bag (doubles as a trash bag), put them on the top of the pack and they're fine.

Pack It In, Pack It Out! 10 Best Recipes for a Day of Hiking
7/3/12 06:35 PM

I'm an internal processor so am slow with conversation, but my job is to interact with people so I have learned to ask lots of questions. If you memorize potential genres of questions you can ask, it helps facilitate conversation because people love talking about themselves.

Dinner with Perfect Strangers: Topics and Techniques to Break the Ice
7/3/12 03:58 PM

I will second the comment about the pie crust! Couldn't stop staring at it! Which recipe did you use?

What's Your Favorite Summer Pie?
7/3/12 01:08 PM

These cookies were so very amazing! Mine were not quite as beautiful as those pictured - I also had spreading issues - but they tasted so good. I loved the slightly rough texture of the corn meal. The amount of butter is also perfect because it made them delightfully soft and chewy. No shame in using 2 sticks. I kept thinking that I should use corn meal in more cookies. The only real change to the recipe was that I made the cookies smaller so they would go further. Also, my icing had trouble firming up, but I think I used too much juice (I just used a few frozen cubes of lemon, which is probably what went wrong).

Dessert Recipe: Cornmeal Lime Cookies Recipes from The Kitchn
6/6/12 02:59 PM