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If you do have an ice cream maker, any changes to the process (ie, when to add the bourbon)? Sounds delicious!!

Recipe: Easy Bourbon Peach Sorbet Recipes from The Kitchn
7/24/13 01:29 PM

LOVE this! Full house tour?? Beautiful job keeping the original character of the house (love the bathroom floor!), while still looking clean and modern... and comfortable.

Emily-Kate's 1913 Mill House, Reborn House Call
6/11/13 02:37 PM

Any suggestions on how to make these gluten-free? Or another suggestion for a recipe for black bean veggie burgers that is already GF? Just wondering if rice flour would be enough to hold it together...

Recipe: Green Curry Veggie Burgers with Black Beans & Walnuts Recipes from The Kitchn
6/10/13 11:21 AM

Absolutely nothing against the judges and their decisions, but why doesn't our voting actually determine who is a finalist? The top-voted entry in the Tiny category literally blew everyone else in that category out of the water in terms of votes, not to mention comments, including the entry that is a finalist. So, why do we vote... seriously AT, what gives?

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 01:16 PM

AT, why isn't this a finalist?!?!? Clearly, our voting doesn't determine who is a finalist... so why do we vote only to have someone else decide? This one blew everyone else in the Tiny category out of the water... it still has my vote. Seriously AT, what gives?

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 12:40 PM

Absolutely beautiful. HOUSE. TOUR.

Hani & Andrew's Organic Modern Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 04:44 PM

Oh, how I miss Norway!! Love your place and how you've decorated it! I remember passing near Skien on our way from Oslo to Arendal when I was on tour in the St. Olaf Choir... can't wait to come back someday. Ha det bra!! :)

Ragnhild's Soaring Ceilings Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 09:16 AM

Looking at the layout, I would love to see a full house tour of this place! Super cute!! Favorited for sure! While I love open plans and sometimes yearn for one, our little house is similarly made up of small rooms, which I think has it's own sense of coziness. Being able to give each room it's own character and purpose is great fun. :)

Emily's Cozy English Cottage Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 05:05 PM

Definitely miss radiator heat... like Xarcady, we had all kinds of baking dishes sitting on radiators in my last apartment, and growing up in my parent's house, the radiators had built-in, covered metal trays for water on top of the radiator. I

now have forced air for the first time in my life and definitely NOT a fan... SO dry! Been thinking about getting an Aprilaire humidifier installed... anyone have any thoughts about those? My little humidfier can't see to keep up.

Old School Tech: Radiator Humidifiers
11/29/12 10:11 AM

Totally agree... at least a light grey or something. Otherwise, a beautiful re-do!!

Before & After: Little Kitchen, Big Style The Sweeten
11/28/12 01:20 PM

You're missing the best kind of small Christmas tree!! We currently have a replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree... cute, whimsical, small, and only $17.97!! :) We're using that and decorating a small pine tree in our front yard until we can afford a larger tree. It actually is currently holding four large ornaments, AND it comes with a small, blue Linus blanket as the tree skirt... LOL.

Small Space Christmas Tree Alternatives
11/26/12 04:48 PM

Love it!! I know it's small... but can we get a house tour/call for this place? Looks like they did a great job on a budget, keeping things simple and making a small space feel big and airy... also LOVE the coffee table idea!! :)

Before & After: Create a 'Bedroom' in a Studio Apartment with Ikea Panels
11/12/12 01:06 PM

Just made something else with quinoa and kale on Monday... wish I had this recipe!

Also, it's NOT gluten-free!!!! I was suspicious when I saw the word "patties", as that usually involves breadcrumbs.... and it does. But, you could definitely substitute something else (GF breadcrumbs, etc), or maybe they would hold together with the eggs anyways. Just wanted to warn people. :)

Super Power Lunch: Quinoa & Kale Patties
10/31/12 01:23 PM

Not necessary... my go-to salad for kale is raw kale just dressed in lemon juice, olive oil, salt/pepper, and pecorino romano. I just toss it well (maybe 1 min) and let it sit in the fridge (or room temp) for a while (or overnight) -- the lemon juice does the work for you!! :)

Massaging Raw Kale for Salads: Awesome... or Just Dumb?
10/30/12 01:42 PM

OMG... I LOVE these!!!!!!! My father and I (both musicians) used to play with glasses in restaurants whenever we realized they were crystal... oh, the memories of getting those weird looks... HA. :)

Pitch Perfect Wine Glasses
8/24/12 05:34 PM

I have so many thoughts on this... but here are just a couple:

" With age comes maturity, brain capacity, height, and strength. These children then feel naturally "gifted", do better on tests, are picked first for team sports, and overall gain confidence on each rung of the ladder to success.... When someone like my daughter goes to college, enters the work force, or competes in any other national competition along the way, she is at a disadvantage to children in the same grade in other states."

I know that you said that each child is different, but the statements you made above worry me. Be very careful to not generalize!! Truly, every child IS different and every school system is different, and you have to do what is best for them. I am the child of two educators (maybe that made a difference), and I break every generalization in the above statements. I have an August birthday and skipped kindergarten, which has made me the youngest in my class my whole life (graduated HS at 17). However, I was the tallest in my class for much of my life, HS valedictorian, 4-year varsity letter-winner in track (hurdles, no less), 2-year varsity letter-winner in tennis, and my college choir sang for royalty and the president in the White House, and in Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Hall, Severance Hall, etc... I graduated college with two degrees in music and chemistry (w/ distinction) and I am now in an MD/PhD program (MSTP) - there are only 933 students in this type of program in the entire US. And don't worry, my husband, friends, and family tell me that I'm the most normal, social nerd they've ever known. :)

I honestly don't like to talk about myself or my accomplishments, but this is anonymous and I wanted to emphasize that you shouldn't feel like you need to hold your daughter back for her to succeed based on trends... do what's best for her, and with such loving, concerned parents, I'm sure she'll do extremely well!!

Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 11:39 AM

Ditto on the above posts... find a fabulous shower curtain with some great color(s) in it and run with those! Artwork, maybe new fixtures, and maybe some shelving? Doesn't see to have a ton of storage, so shelves would provide some interest and storage. Best of luck!

How To Bring Character To My New Rental Bathroom? Good Questions
8/2/12 10:59 AM

Applesauce for eggs in baking is a great substitute and often makes things very moist... especially in GF recipes!

A Quick Guide to Ingredient Substitutions Cooking Guides from The Kitchn
8/1/12 01:57 PM

LiveExtra isn't truly free... you have to have a cable subscription to access the streaming video and most of the replays. Seriously NBC?!? Super frustrating for those of us without cable. Unless you have a friend who will give you their cable login information... :)

London Olympics Delay: Boo!
Free Live Stream Online: Hurrah!

8/1/12 09:50 AM

I thought of the same hammock before I saw the above comment... they are truly amazing and have them in every application imaginable... chairs, swings, etc... and they're made in North Carolina!

Best Hammocks 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
7/26/12 12:24 PM