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They all seem a bit expensive. California closets seems to be the best design and quality for the $. Overall the beds seem to be designed for a one or two night stay rather than a permanent sleeping solution for studio apartment dwellers. does anyone have a Murphy bed they sleep on every night? I would be curious to know how durable and comfortable they are over the long haul. Thanks.

8 Sources for Modern Wall Beds
5/25/13 01:13 PM

I agree with another post, I cant seem to keep the top of my dresser clutter free on a daily basis. Same for my bedside table. I have found at IKEA shelves that are meant for the kitchen but I use them in the bedroom and bathroom to help,organize all of my things. Shoe storage-cant find one system that works for all of my shoes. but I am able to store a lot of them in a plastic under the bed storage container.
Not enough storage or closet space so I have all different sorts of storage bins, baskets,
I just started keeping panty liners in my underwear drawer a few months ago and I can't believe I never thought of it before.
No space for a king size bed.

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12/31/12 12:25 AM

Dodo case - is not for everyone. I've gone through two of them becuase they are FRAGILE
In my experience they look nice but do not offer any protection to your iPad. If you're not worried about protection, then why are you covering it to begin with?

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12/2/12 10:34 AM

What happened to the original sink? I would have kept it and designed the kitchen around it.
I do like your choice of cabinetry and would love to see the island that moves. We're house hunting and can only afford a fixer upper, so a movable island seems like a good choice for older homes.
New bathroom is a bit too original for me. I guess I'd have to try it and see how I feel in it.

Before & After: Updating a Victorian Kitchen (and Bathroom)
9/15/12 11:26 AM

Cute room! Love the name Ignatius. Suggestion: flip the dresser and you have a changing table until he out grows it and then flip back to regular dresser when he's a toddler. Not my original idea, saw it at a friends house.

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9/15/12 11:10 AM

I purchased cardboard dressers from Kmart in the mid90's and have to say they were perfect for storing small items. They eventually fell apart but I didn't mind becuase they were cheap. I still have my cardbaoard shoe storage and look for another every time I'm in a Kmart or any store that has storage. This line is rather expensive but thats because the cost of paper is not cheap. I can see myself splurging and using them for storing seasonal items.

SmartDeco: Temporary Recyclable Furniture
5/27/12 10:00 PM

Really overall not a bad kitchen. If you can't wait a year or so then perhaps look to change little things. Think of the positives and work with them like the cabinets are in a neutral color. I would leave them as is and only change the hardware to something modern easily found at Ikea.
Is that a dishwasher under the microwave? Use it and get rid of the dish rack. It's actually more energy efficient. otherwise be diligent about washing and putting dishes away ASAP to keep the counters clutter free.
children's artwork would be better displayed in a "gallery" perhaps by the entry you can put up a cork memo board or a French memo board to show off their creativity in a purposeful manner.
floor- depending on where you live, perhaps you can find inexpensive peel and stick tiles at a discount store to update the look of it. I suggest large Black and white tiles to coordinate with your appliances. or try a large rug in Sisal, bamboo, or some other natural material to cover the floor.
Backsplash- is that a decal or part of the tile design? Maybe there is a paint available that can be used on tile? Not sure but worth checking out because in my opinion, that is the most dated part of the design.
Microwave- can you install it above the stove? It'll cover that flower pot and you'll gain some counter space.
Red- I like the red accent perhaps Anything that must stay on the counters could be stored in red containers to give the countertop a more unified look?
Hope that helps. Good luck

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5/14/12 09:11 AM