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Be careful of lead levels with older tubs ! You can get swabs to check if enamel is leaching lead. Apparently over 60% of older porcelain ones can be toxic to kids... yikes!

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3/24/09 02:29 AM

Wow, for a moment I thought you posted your kitchen bookshelf Tammy!

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3/24/09 01:58 AM

My son (3 3/4 years old) has been using one for about 3 weeks now as we needed his Svan for the baby (6 months).

- Very sturdy! We've even sat on it!
- Love that its adjustable - can grow with him and I think he likes it better than the Svan now that he's older
- Looks great, I think

- Straps are a mess - we might just cut them off as we won't need them but good luck if you do need them
- Seat cushion isn't covered - we're not handy with thread and material so he just sits on the vinyl plastic but it looks a little cheap.

We didn't install the baby bar so can't comment on it. I give it a 9/10 - esp. for the price (not even Ikea has something this good for toddlers)!

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1/21/09 03:08 AM

How great is this?!! Thanks Tammy, just ordered some... hard to find "Rian" and "Elia" off the shelf!
Take care,

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11/13/08 06:28 PM

Wow Tammy! Awesome tour and *respect* for having decorated it with a toddler to look after too (R's room hasn't seen any changes since he was in utero over 3 years ago).. weren't you pregnant at the time of decorating too??

Anyway, well worth all the effort! Looks amazing!!! That is an awesome colour on the walls too - soothing, fun and age-less! And the artwork! Nice to hear the stories behind the pieces.

As for bunk beds, yours does follow the new safety guidelines - apparently having a guardrail on the wall-side is the most important feature as small kids can get lodged. We bought a 1/2 height loft bed for R as he is a fab climber but discovered he is a little tumbleweed when he sleeps so have opted not to put him in it yet, lest he propel himself over the rail... Different kids will be ready for bunks at different stages.

Keep up the great blogging - always fun to read your posts Tammy!

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6/11/08 09:43 PM