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1/19/11 09:32 AM

I often have this crisis, and there are a lot of things I'd attempt by DIY. For me, it boils down to:

1. How long will it take me to make it myself?
2. Do I have the materials to make it on hand? If not, are those materials readily available or difficult to find?
3. If I make it myself, will it be structurally sound as last as long as buying a quality pre-made product?
4. Is the cost of said pre-made product prohibitively high?

At the end of the day, I'm more likely to support an independent artisan who made a rug like the one shown above than I would be to buy the same rug from a bigger retailer.

To Buy or DIY: The Battle Rages On In Our Home!
11/4/10 04:54 PM

Thank you Carolyn! We really love the way our room turned out, though we were skeptical at first about paint the wall yellow. We counter-balanced that by using a monochromatic color scheme everywhere else.

And the desk in the office space was actually a Craigslist find. We got a pretty great deal considering the fact that it is a 50-year-old solid wood desk :)

You might check Craigslist or local thrift and consignment stores to find a bamboo desk. I've come across a couple over the past year or so, and I imagine you might have the same luck wherever you live.

Jennae's Stylish, Green Rental
Green House Call

11/3/10 09:45 AM

I'm itching to get my application in! I'll work on this today and tomorrow!

Re-Nest is Looking for a New Contributor!
10/25/10 12:47 PM

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Raisingdanger, the rug is the Letter Lines design from Merida. You can see it here:

It comes in a couple of colors too :)

My Room: Ja'Naya
Duluth, GA

9/15/10 05:41 PM

I have affordable and pricier organic sheets. Thes ones I got from Target are pilling after just 6 months, but I've had my sheets from Sage Creek organics for more than a year and they are still going strong. No pilling, and even the color is still almost exactly the same after frequent washes. I'm really impressed.

They are a little pricey, but they are on sale for 50% off right now:

Best or Favorite Organic Sheets, Affordable or Otherwise? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/21/10 05:35 PM

I've seen a LOT of container homes, but they generally LOOK like shipping containers. This one takes that basic building block and turns it into something beautiful. This house is gorgeous!

An Elegant Container Home in Richmond, CA | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/14/10 02:21 PM

This is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect example of the beauty you can find in creative reuse! I love those benches, and love that they came from Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter for such a great deal! I can guess where he lives based on this fact alone :)

Dean's Recycled, Repurposed DIY Outdoor Lounge | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/6/10 11:21 AM

I hate to knock something that took so much work, but I don't like this one either. But making a home is about doing what YOU love, so I assume Patti is really happy with it. To that end, it works :)

From Postcards To Wallpaper Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/24/10 04:52 PM

I wonder how tough it is to turn a shipping container into something that's actually liveable. I love the idea, and I think it's something my husband I would seriously consider, if it were presented in a way that made it look doable.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Style: Adam Kalkin's Shipping Container Home
6/18/09 10:22 AM

I love, love, love this idea! And since I have about a zillion tote bags I'm not going to use (aside from the ones I use for shopping, of course, I'm really going to put this one into practice in the near future. We have some beat-up old pillows that need new covers, so I'm really going to try this! And I think I'll leave the handles on. I just like the idea of paying homage to the original purpose of the bag :)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Idea: Turn Your Tote Bags Into Throw Pillows
5/29/09 12:13 AM

Here's my question. How does any human being keep their desk looking this pristine? Mine always looks like a typhoon hit it :)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Style: Geninne's Desk
5/29/09 12:06 AM

You are incredibly talented! Because of all these DIY projects, your home has an incredible amount of personality. I love it!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To Makeover Your Whole Home Recycle Jasmine's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/25/09 03:53 PM

My husband and I bought a used twin headboard that we now can't use, and I absolutely love this idea. Now we know what we're going to use it for! Thanks for the how-to.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Make a Headboard Bench from Scraps Nia's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/25/09 03:41 PM

I feel like a rock star to have been nominated and selected as a finalist! Thanks so much to everyone who nominated Green Your Decor!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Homies: Best Green Design Blog of 2008? Vote for one...
12/31/08 11:22 AM

Considering the vast number of old magazines I have that I haven't wanted to throw away, this is a great, great concept. Add a table top, and noone will ever know that your table is made of last month's Vogue! I love it :)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Craft a Table Using Old Magazines
8/26/08 05:34 PM

Feeling a bit of West coast jealousy about this one :) Those fabrics are gorgeous! Makes me wish I could see them in person, but I'm almost as happy to browse their beautifully restored vintage chairs online. This is one I'll definitely have to pass on to my readers at

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Lotus Bleu
7/23/08 02:42 AM

As a lover of interior design, and a lover of all things green, I SO wish I had been there to witness this in person. This must have been an awesome event, having all these green minds in one place at one time.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Offline: The Green @ Home Meetup 7.10.08Bruce Marsh, Jonsara Ruth, Justin Green William Harvey
7/21/08 11:31 AM

I think its so great to see so many people trying to make small changes wherever they can. Collectively, once we all start to make the turn toward being more green, all of those changes will add up, not only in terms of reduced impact on the Earth, but in buying power. Companies will be forced to change their manufacturing and business practices once they realize consumers aren't going to stand for wastefulness and unnecessary pollution.

My contribution to the green movement is my blog, Green Your Decor, which focuses on eco-friendly home decor products, projects and tips. This is a great series!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Green @ Home: Alicia's Artistic Changessubmit your own...
7/21/08 11:28 AM

I won't make the assumption that I would have gotten more press, because products that are TRULY green and help people take measurable steps toward greener living tend to get less publicity than the ones that encourage baby steps. If this works and is easy to use, there would be very little argument for not using it. It seems like a great alternative energy solution. Maybe one this days "alternative" energy will be the rule and not the exception.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Personal Windmill Turbine: Democratic Ecology
7/8/08 12:57 PM