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You've destroyed my hopes and dreams! I was really hoping on buying all this imitation stuff because DWR is DNWR for me.

I don't live close to Lex :(

So reading all these posts lead me to believe Lex had to partner with bad vendors and bad shipping and to top it off stressed out customer services caught in the middle of this mess...all this lead to these unfortunate postings of broken furniture, late furniture, and frustrated customers.

5 months late? cmon.

I had hoped 2012 would come back with some positive postings of Lex solving these issues by now. But the last posting from march and feb 2012.. ugh.. From the front, the website looks good, an excellent selection of products, a great BIO on the inspiration and history all this stuff comes from. Lex also jumped on the daily deal bandwagon, groupon inspired.

Lex has good potential, I hope they do the right thing and get their online department together. I really like what the company stands for. They better re-train customer service. And they better have tracking automatically enabled on purchase like other sites.

5 months late? please.. broken furniture? bad production with un-aligned holes?

on the bright side.. if you live close to a Lexington.. I envy you since you can inspect the product, buy on site,, and load it up in your truck like an IKEA easy purchase. so at least you can avoid the shipping issues and pick out a nicely crafted product out of the heap. Made in china! LOL.

Good luck buyers.. to your hopes and dreams of modern furniture..

Lexington Modern – Designer Furniture & Fried Chicken?
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