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Love love love Art Nouveau. If anyone lives in NY and is a fan the American Wing of the Met has some jaw-dropping Nouveau sculpture and stained glass. I could spend hours there...

Design Dictionary: Art Nouveau
9/25/12 12:22 PM

I don't understand why orange isn't more popular! I had a matching living room set upholstered in orange-gold crushed velvet that was just * luscious*. Orange can really warm a room up and make you happy :-) Good luck.

Source For Orange Velvet Curtains Like
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8/30/12 02:36 PM

I got a beautiful little folding ("tv dinner" style) table for my lounge. It's amazing! Bring it out for my coffee/book/computer and put it away when I'm done and there is so much more room in that space...

Less Is More: 15 Pieces of Furniture You May Not Really Need Miss Minimalist at Huffington Post
8/16/12 11:08 AM

We've got the opposite problem here in the Plateau (historic francophone family-type neighborhood) neighborhood of Montreal. All the old brick buildings used to be painted a crazy rainbow of colors, but now that the rents are going up and the area is gentrifying all the facades are back to brick or white with black or white trim. It's so dull it's a crime.

Neighborhood Etiquette: When Personal Style Becomes Public
8/1/12 10:32 AM

What I find more poisonous is the distain leveled at the bogeyman of the "hipster" and "elitist snob". I've met very few of these types who everyone seems to think are arrogant and judgmental, but I keep seeing people be arrogant and judgmental towards those people they imagine to be arrogant and judgmental.....

Design Hipsterism?
Why Do We Stop Liking What's Popular?

7/18/12 03:41 PM

Painting over someone's original artwork is so incredibly disrespectful. If you can't treat art with the respect it deserves you shouldn't own artworks. There are plenty of mass-produced prints that I'm sure suit anyone's taste and if you want to try your hand at painting, canvases are cheap and easy to find. But painting on someone's work is just a slap in the face to all artists.

Would You Do This DIY?:
Painting Over Existing Pieces
Old Brand New

6/15/12 02:27 PM

The breakfast nook with *those shutters*! Sigh. Makes me wanna curl up in your kitchen with a cup of coffee. Your place is truly inspired.

Veronica & Keith's Handmade Chic House Tour
5/30/12 01:27 PM

Yes, hot tea (and spicy foods!) both actually cool your body. They stimulate the blood vessels in your skin to dilate and thus release body heat into the surrounding air faster. It's the same method that hot climate animals use to keep cool with large ears, etc. It's also the same reason menthol makes you feel cold - it dilates your blood vessels!

So, yeah, a spicy curry dinner in summer definitely helps ;-)

Here Comes Summer: How to Keep Your Cool No Matter How Hot it Gets Reader Intelligence Report
5/28/12 05:22 PM

Those are some of the most beautiful windows I've ever seen on a house. Their delicacy sets off the funky interior beautifully. It seems like a house with a lot of joy :-)

Shayne, Andrew & Family's Eclectic 100-Year-Old HomeHouse Tour
5/16/12 12:10 PM

My friend makes a St. Germain and lemon poppyseed cookie dough ice cream that is possibly the most amazing thing I've ever eaten in my life. Just saying.

Our Readers' Favorite Brands of Liquor Reader Intelligence Report
5/16/12 11:30 AM

Ooh, I've been there! It's in my partner's hometown. It's such a lovely place - the perfect tiny english town and just next to the Ashdown forrest which is where all the Pooh stories take place. It really feels like magic there.

And you can go play pooh sticks at pooh sticks bridge:

A.A. Milne's English Country Home is On the Market Design News 05.15.12
5/15/12 11:05 AM

I live in the Presbytery of a functioning catholic church (circa 1857) in Montreal. When they started having money troubles they rented out the top two stories which used to be nun's cloisters to us and it became a commune! I've actually been thinking about submitting a house tour for ages. It's a gorgeous old building (the best insulated house I have ever lived in, by the way. The walls are a full two feet thick at least) with little sinks in a lot of the bedrooms and a view directly onto the church's roof!

The Ultimate in Upcycling: Homes in Converted Churches
5/15/12 01:47 AM

All the texture and subtle color is so yummy

Holly's High Park House Covet Garden
5/14/12 03:00 PM

Your husband's furniture is beauuuuuuutiful. Thank you for posting! All that gorgeous salvaged wood, and he makes magic out of it :-D

25 Favorite Etsy Finds
5/12/12 03:21 AM

Oh, Honey! Your place is my absolute dream of decor. Vintage without being too girly, intricate without being fussy, bright and textured, and homey. Everything that I am currently trying to do for my place *Sigh* I salute you.

Natalie's Vintage Everything House Call
5/11/12 12:59 PM

If you're looking for amazing art prints I can't recommend the 20x200 project more ( Limited edition prints from professional artists at affordable prices. Their intention is to provide a form of income for fine artists and open up the collector's market for those who appreciate contemporary fine art, but don't necessarily have the means. There is some seriously incredible art on there.

There's some great art on Etsy, but I'm always wary. Since their TOS is so lax I can never be sure the work is original or archival quality, etc...

And, ohmygodthatcouch! Shipping from Austin to Montreal can't be that expensive can it? X-)

25 Favorite Etsy Finds
5/11/12 12:56 PM